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TV Goodness Reports: 201 Days of The X-Files 

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

OK, file this under better late than never. The FOX promo team had been teasing 7.7.15, which I knew about a week ahead and then promptly got onto other things and didn’t check back in. What can I say? Summer’s are crazy busy. Bad The X-Files fan! BAD!

The date was the kickoff for 201 consecutive days of a collective rewatch of every episode of The X-Files. If, like me, you missed this was happening, we’re now on episode 20 of season 1, “Darkness Falls.” You can follow along on Twitter with #TheXFiles201Days.

Here’s the teaser for the promo, with clips from the new season thrown in, plus a new GIF because FOX doesn’t understand that if they actually kill us now we will not be here to watch the premiere. Not complaining–just the facts. Enjoy! The X-Files returns to FOX with six new episodes on January 24, 2016.

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