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Marg Helgenberger, Colin Ford and Mike Vogel Talk Season 3 of CBS’ Under the Dome 

Life Under the Dome is getting stranger by the day.

Alternate dome-less realities; mysterious characters with even more mysterious motives; imaginary loves, Julia and Barbie on the outs; Barbie and Eva on the ins; and Christine has crowned herself the town puppet master. Everybody in Chester’s Mill is either blindly following her or out to get her. Meanwhile, Big Jim’s in a cage-y situation.

Synopsis for “Caged”: When Big Jim is captured by Aktaion, the dangerous private corporation that’s descended on Chester’s Mill to harness the Dome’s energy capabilities, he’s forced to manipulate Christine (Marg Helgenberber) for information about her agenda. Also, when Joe and Norrie question the town’s new rules, they find themselves in a dangerous face-off with the increasingly unstable residents.

What’s it going to take for the Chester’s Mill townspeople to shake off their Stepford ways? Will the ones who aren’t gaga over Christine’s Rule going to be able to survive? Deaths are already happening (i.e. Abby, Pete). Who’s next?

Here are some sneak peeks featuring Barbie, Eva and Julia, which by the way, is one of the oddest love triangles to come along in a while.

Clip: Barbie and Eva

Clip: Barbie and Julia

At Comic-Con 2015, we got the chance to talk to Marg Helgenberger (Christine), Colin Ford (Joe) and Mike Vogel (Barbie) about Season 3.

Under the Dome airs Thursday nights on CBS at 10/9c.

Full Comic-Con Panel

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