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The iZombie Cast and EPs Reflect on Season 1 and Talk Season 2 

Photo Credit:  Jordon Nuttall/The CW
Photo Credit: Jordon Nuttall/The CW

It’s been six weeks and I’m still blown away by what happened at the end of the first season of the CW’s addictive hit series, iZombie.

Blaine’s human. HUMAN. Major was scratched but then Liv force fed him the cure. Clive’s zombie boss is dead. Poor Lt. Suzuki. Plus, Peyton knows about Liv. Major now knows about Liv. I don’t know about you guys but I need this hiatus to be over sooner rather than later.

Well, the cast and crew have reported back to work. To help get you through the next couple of painful months until the premiere, here are some interviews from Comic-Con 2015. The cast and EPs reflected on their first successful season and teased what’s ahead for Season 2.

Some highlights:

-David Anders talks about what Human!Blaine is like
-Creator Rob Thomas discusses Max Rager’s zombie-fied plans and which surprise pair are going to be working together
-I love EP Diane Ruggiero-Wright. She talks about the Liam (Bradley James) factor in Season 1. She’s as sad as we are that he’s gone! She also touches on the Major-Liv situation when the show returns.
-Malcolm Goodwin reflects on being the sole major character that doesn’t know about zombies
-Rahul’s opinions on his character are fascinating to me. I don’t know why but they are. Plus both he and Malcolm talk about wanting Ravi and Clive to get their adventure on in Season 2

iZombie returns with new episodes Tuesday, Oct. 6 @ 9/8c on the CW.

The Interviews

David Anders

Rob Thomas

Diane Ruggiero-Wright

Malcolm Goodwin

Rahul Kohli

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