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Hiatus Helper: Scorpion Season 2 Scoop [Comic-Con 2015 Interviews] 

CBS’ Scorpion is one of those shows that surprised me this season. It’s smart, fun, features spectacular stunts and focuses on a group of geniuses who can do just about anything except…smoothly navigate the intricacies of interpersonal relationships. But they’re learning.

Walter’s probably one of my favorite new TV characters. It’s been nice to see his character development over the first season. I’m not going to say he wears his heart on his sleeve or anything like that. But there’s been a shift of sorts as he worked out his issues with Gallo and developed feelings for Paige. The relationship I’ve really enjoyed watching him cultivate is the one he has with Ralph, Paige’s genius son.

But it’s not just Walter. There’s the back and forth between Happy and Toby — when he slept through their date, I never thought Happy would give him the time of day again. Thankfully, there’s movement there as well.

Most of all, I really love the team feel of this show. It started out as a foursome but with the addition of Paige, Ralph and Gallo — and even Walter’s sister Megan to a certain extent — they’ve become a family. As they say on one of my all-time favorite shows, Supernatural, “family don’t end with blood.” I get that feeling here.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Season 1 finale when Walter got into some trouble of the cliff-hanger variety. His car was literally hanging off a cliff. It took the team to save him. And Paige and Ralph were able to rush from the airport to lend their support as well. By the end of the episode, Paige was telling a sleeping Walter that she cares for him, which was huge.

Now we’re in the midst of the show’s first hiatus. To make it a little less painful, we’re here to help. TV Goodness was able to talk to one of the Scorpion EPs —  Nicholas Wootton — along with cast members Robert Patrick, Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee at Comic-Con 2015. They analyze what went down with these characters at the end of the first season plus tell you what to expect from Season 2.

The Interviews

The full Comic-Con 2015 panel

Scorpion returns with new episodes Monday, Sept. 21 @ 9/8c. And don’t forget that on Monday, Oct. 26, a special 90-minute episode will air right after the series premiere of Supergirl.

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