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Moment of Goodness

8 Moments of Goodness from Poldark “Part 3″ 

8 Moments of Goodness from Poldark “Part 3″
Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE

Say I Do… to another stimulating episode of the 18th Century drama, Poldark! As promised in my preview, two marriages and two births take place, along with very special guest appearance.

Ross reopens Wheal Leisure. Ross toasts to a new beginning for the miners and their families, with Demelza by his side. While the miners are happy to be employed again, rumors begin to circulate about the relationship between the captain and his kitchen maid. Nothing is going on between them just yet, but others notice that the two are growing closer.

Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE

Demelza: “I’m real glad sir that the miners and their families come for you sir.”

Ross: “My neck is on the line, are you glad about that?”

Demelza: “Well no sir, what shall I do with a cup of grief?”

Ross helps out his employee, Jim Carter. Ross warns him about the consequences of poaching. That’s only the beginning of his generosity. Ross gives Jim and his pregnant girlfriend, Jinny a place to live – rent free. In addition, he throws them a quaint, country wedding. During the reception, Ross enjoys watching Demelza dance. Soon he joins in on the festivities.  Is it love or lust? Either way – it’s in the air.

Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE

Elizabeth gives birth to a new Poldark heir. Ross rides over to Trenwith to attend the christening of Geoffrey Charles. I’m not going to say this is feel good moment at all; however, it’s important to the story. Francis encourages Ross to sit with Elizabeth and his new son, but jealousy quickly consumes him. Francis interrupts Elizabeth and Ross, putting an end to their conversation. Shortly afterwards, Charles suffers a heart stroke. Fortunately, Dr. Choake is in attendance and manages tend to his medical needs.

Jinny and Demelza become friends. Concerned for her husband, Jinny informs Demelza that Jim is out poaching again. She asks Demelza to speak with Ross about the matter. Demelza agrees to do so. Later that evening, Ross and Demelza discuss the future of Jim Carter over dinner. Ross assures Demelza that he’ll offer Jim a better job. By this point in the story, the attraction between Captain Poldark and his servant is undeniable. It seems as if Demelza knows what Ross wants even before he does. For example, she brings him some brandy, before he can even ask for it.

Demelza: “Is there anything else?”

Ross: “Yes, if you could somehow avoid the inference that I’m utterly predictable.”

Demelza: “Yes sir, I’ll try sir.”

Demelza excuses herself from the room with a smile and an awkward curtsy. Ross seems amused. It’s a very cute scene.

The next day Jinny shows up at Nampara crying.  Jim’s been arrested. Ross rides over to visit Sir Hugh Van Bodrugan and offers to make good on any losses, but it’s too late. Ross learns that Jim is going on trial as they speak.  While Jinny goes into labor, Ross rides into Truro in hopes of pleading Jim’s case.

Photo Credit: Meredith Wheeler
Photo Credit: Meredith Wheeler

Robin Ellis returns as Reverend Halse. Robin portrayed Ross Poldark in the original television series back in the 70’s. Many fans still swoon over him. This time around, there’s no tricorn hat, just a wig and a strong regard for the law. It’s a far cry from when he played Captain Poldark.

Ross decides to intercede on Jim’s behalf. He informs Reverend Halse that Jim is not only ill, but that he’s going to become a father for the very first time. (Jim suffers from a lung problem) Revered Halse is quick to point out that despite Jim’s health condition, he was well enough to go out poaching. Jim is sentenced to two years in prison. Infuriated, Ross gives Halse a piece of his mind.

Halse: “One moment sir. Do you take issues with the laws of this land?”

Ross: “I can’t help but feel that in this case justice would have been best served by clemency.”

Halse: “Happily for justice, this court is better able to interpret the law than you.”

Ross: “Then the law is savage and you interrupt it without charity.”

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Nick Kenyon
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Nick Kenyon

For fans of the original television series – like me – it felt like the role of Captain Poldark had been officially passed on from Robin to Aidan.

Ross and Demelza make love. When Ross returns from the courthouse, he orders Demelza to bring him a glass of rum. Already hot under the collar, Ross turns around and sees Demelza wearing a green dress. Demelza tells him that she found it in an old chest. Ross scolds her and reminds Demelza that she is his servant. He insists that she takes it off and if she doesn’t, he’ll send her packing. Demelza starts crying. Ross apologizes and soon rage turns to passion. He grabs Demelza and the two share a steamy kiss. Demelza follows Ross to his bedroom and seduces him. I like to call this scene: 50 Shades of Green.

Ross: “You know what people say about us?”

Demelza: “Yeah”

Ross: “If we behave like this it will be true.”

Demelza: “Then let it be true.”

With those words, the dress comes off. The two locks lips and make love. The next morning, Demelza puts the dress back on and quickly leaves the room, not knowing that Ross is staring at her from his bed.

Aidan Turner shows off his six pack abs.

Photo Credit: PBS
Photo Credit: PBS

Unable to get his mind of Demelza, Ross decides to tend to the fields that day (with his shirt off) – not only do we get a good view of Aidan’s hot bod, but so does Demelza. She gazes at him from afar. Her dreamy state doesn’t last long. Elizabeth pays Ross a visit. Demelza walks in on the two of them talking.

Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: (C) Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE

Ross and Demelza Wed. Feeling scorned, Demelza packs her bags and leaves Nampara. Ross rides off to find her. Deep down, he knows things have changed between the two of them.

Demelza: “I thought after what happened…”

Ross: “You thought that you’d no longer be my servant.”

Demelza: “Not by choice sir.”

Ross: “You’re right, you can no longer be my servant.”

In the final scene of a magnificent episode, Ross and Demelza exchange vows in front of Jud and Prudie, who serve as their witnesses.


How will Demelza fare now that she’s a member of the Gentry?

Who will teach her how to adapt to her new role as Mrs. Ross Poldark?

How will Elizabeth and everyone else react to the news of their marriage?

With only a few episodes left, there’s still a lot of story to be told. Keep in mind; it’s only the beginning of the love story between Ross and Demelza. Look for new characters to appear on screen as the plot thickens.

Poldark airs on Masterpiece Theater, Sundays at 9/8c on PBS.

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  1. G. van Norden

    In the court scene it must be ‘interpret’ the law – not ‘interrupt’.

    1. Tina Charles

      Changed. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  2. Adrian Goodrich

    I’ve watched this superb series quite a few times, and this wonderful episode as many as any. So I’m delighted to be able to say, this is am accurate, really nice and very enjoyable slant on what you rightly describe as a magnificent episode.

    1. Lisa Bricker

      Thank you Adrian. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day.

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