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Deutschland83 Preview: “Atlantic Lion” 

Photo Credit: Conny Klein/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Conny Klein/Sundance TV

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Cow steak. We love that Martin has no idea which cut of steak to order. We guess they don’t do that sort of thing in East Germany. In “Brave Guy” we see Martin start coming into his own as a spy. He’s not willing to do all this for free, however. He wants to make sure his mother is getting the treatment he needs and that he’s able to be in contact with Annett.

When it comes down to it, Martin’s pretty good at improvising. After General Jackson and Hendrik Mayer switch rooms, he not only has to get the listening device into Mayer’s room, but he also has to break into the room to get the NATO report. Once he’s in the room, he resets the safe only to discover the report is on a floppy disk — something he’s never seen before. Martin goes ahead with the plan to steal it and is able to cover it all up when the waitress from earlier attacks him. Is she KGB or Chinese intelligence? And what does she want with Stamm? Either way, she is able to give Edel’s men the slip and Martin’s able to blame her for the theft and keep his cover intact.

Back in East Berlin, we see that Annett is seeing a teacher from her school. Thomas wants to know what’s going on with Annett and Martin, but Annett doesn’t have any answers for him; she hasn’t heard from him in weeks. When Lenora delivers Martin’s letter, she’s smart about manipulating Annett into moving in with Martin’s mother, Ingrid. Is this an easier way for the HVA to monitor them both?

And who knew Martin would be so good at convincing Yvonne to go home? Maybe part of it was to avoid having Renate and Ursula crash the conference, but it’s clear that Martin’s got a connection with her — and also with Henrik’s secretary Linda. We know he’s in a relationship with Annett, but apparently all’s fair in love and war.

 Photo Credit: Nik Konietzny/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Nik Konietzny/Sundance TV

“Atlantic Lion” synopsis, from Sundance TV:

While at a NATO conference in Brussels, Martin gets his first “Romeo Assignment”: to seduce the head security analyst’s secretary, Linda.

Deutschland 83 airs Wednesdays at 11/10c on Sundance TV.

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  1. Dan

    This show has me “Wrapped around its fingers” and I am hopelessly unable to extricate from it, and enjoying it. So entertaining. Really relishing it. Now.. how does one steal secrets from the NATO adviser’s office without spoiling it?

    1. TV Goodness

      Thanks for commenting. We completely agree. This is a great show that keeps surprising us.

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