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Power Preview: “You’re the Only Person I Can Trust” 

Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Starz
Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Starz

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Jamie’s life is incredibly complicated. He’s trying to move way more product than he and Tommy can handle, keep Angela close enough to learn more about her investigation but remain distant enough that she doesn’t realize he’s Ghost, manage Kanan as best he can considering Jamie doesn’t know his agenda, make nice with Stern as he strategizes to get Truth back and attempt to keep Tasha happy enough to do what he needs her to. And on top of that, he didn’t get to Pink Sneakers fast enough to find out who put the hit on him.

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Jamie’s having such a hard time and he doesn’t really have anyone to turn to. What about Tommy? He’s already too far under Kanan’s thumb and he’s distracted by Holly. And now that Tasha knows he didn’t break things off with Angela, like he assured her he did, there’s absolutely no part of his life that isn’t in turmoil.

We’re very curious to see how Jamie thinks he’s going to fix all these messes. The stakes couldn’t be any higher. If Jamie doesn’t start finding solutions soon, more people will die.

Power airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.

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