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WGN America Reveals the First Season 2 Teaser for Manhattan 

Photo Credit: WGN America
Photo Credit: WGN America

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Things were tense in Los Alamos, New Mexico at the end of last season. Frank looked like he was on the way to his own execution after revealing the truth to Olivia, Charlie and Abby’s marriage was falling apart, Meeks was revealed as a traitor and the state of the rest of team was up on the air.

This season on Manhattan:

Frank, still conflicted about his part in it’s creation, begins to question how the bomb will be used. Liza battles The Hill’s draconian security state presided over by Col. Emmett Darrow (more on him below). Charlie and Abby begin to embrace and struggle with their unexpected new power. And what’s become of Helen, Jim, Paul, Fritz and Glen? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Meet the new cast:

William Petersen is Col. Emmett Darrow, the new ranking military officer on the Hill.

Mamie Gummer is Nora, a member of the Women’s Army Corps who undergoes a political awakening when she’s assigned to a post at Los Alamos.

Griffin Dunne is Woodrow Lorentzen, a journalist who stumbles upon Los Alamos, New Mexico—including the secret crew trying to successfully detonate the world’s first nuclear bomb—and a shot at personal redemption.

Season 2 of Manhattan premieres in October on WGN America. Need to catch up on Season 1? It’s available on Amazon, Hulu and iTunes.

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