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Deutschland83 Preview: “Brave Guy” 

Photo Credit: Nik Konietzny/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Nik Konietzny/Sundance TV

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Even though Martin has been a reluctant spy so far, he definitely has a knack for it. The fact that he was able to get such valuable information about the Pershing II nuclear missiles impressed his superiors at the HVA and made them realize just how effective he can be in his current position. But how long will Martin be willing to continue this ruse? Or is he warming up to his new life in the West? Is he still anxious to get back to Annett or is something developing between him and Yvonne?

“Brave Guy” synopsis, from Sundance TV:

While General Edel meets with NATO colleagues to discuss the Pershing II missile deployment, Tischbier orders Martin to break into NATO Head Security Analyst Hendrik Mayer’s hotel room to steal a top secret security report. He refuses to do so until Tischbier promises to help his mother, Ingrid, who is suffering from diabetes back home in East Germany, where treatment is scarce.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Martin, his girlfriend Annett, also in East Germany, is sleeping with fellow schoolteacher Thomas Posimski. Alex Edel attends a meeting of the growing anti-nuclear peace movement and meets Tobias Tischbier for the first time. Sparks fly.

When Martin finally steals the NATO report, his superiors at the HVA in East Berlin cannot read it because it is contained not on paper but a floppy disk. This technological hiccup turns into a humiliating struggle to keep up in the dawning era of the computer, a key example of the diverging paths of Communism and Capitalism.

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Jonas Nay on being in a show based on real German history:

Deutschland 83 airs Wednesdays at 11/10c on Sundance TV.

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