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TV Goodness Teaser: New Season 3 Rectify Trailer [Exclusive Video] 

Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Sundance TV

The anticipation keeps building and I am here for it. I’ve got an early look at the latest Rectify trailer — just for you. It’ll be released to everyone else tomorrow, but you can take a look now.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what’s in store for Daniel and the entire Holden/Talbot clan this season. Will Daniel’s plea bargain confession be accepted? Will he accept banishment as part of the deal? What’s next for Amantha if this deal actually goes through? How will Ted Sr. and Janet deal with the knowledge of Ted Jr.’s assault? Will that information get out? Is Tawney and Ted Jr.’s marriage really over? Can Daniel live a normal life anywhere? I honestly can’t imagine Daniel leaving Paulie, Georgia. One of the (many) things I love about the show is that Daniel has so much history in this town. Most of it’s bad, but some of it’s good. It’s uncomfortable and exasperating to watch him try to navigate both new and old relationships in this place. Of course everyone has an opinion and because it’s a small town, Daniel and his family are going to hear it from everyone. I know he needs a fresh start, but whether or not he’s guilty of this crime, I can’t really imagine him getting one. And that makes Daniel’s struggle so interesting and so compelling.

Season 3 of Rectify premieres Thursday, July 9th at 10/9c on Sundance TV.

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