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The X-Files Starts Production 

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

I’m a fickle b*tch about TV sometimes, and on occasion, I’ve reached a bail point when series runs a really long time–I might go back and catch up later, I might not. But The X-Files was a show that I stayed with, in real-time, for all nine seasons of its run on FOX–1993 to 2002, and then I rewatched them in syndication and on FX. I had, and still have genuine, mad, bad love and great affection for the show, its characters, its producers, directors, and writers (who collectively went on to do a ton of other shows you know and love), and most especially David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

The X-Files marked my second foray into daily online fandom (Highlander: The Series was the first)–and I’m talking about listserv, pre-social media and posting boards. I spent 9/11 online in an X-Files community, parsing the news of the day as it unfolded. In the waning years of the show’s run, and its tenure on FX and in syndication, I found a home on the TWoP boards.

Photo Credit: Carin Baer/FOX
Photo Credit: Carin Baer/FOX

I’m the staunchest fan of the Vancouver-set seasons (the series moved to L.A. for the first film and seasons six through nine), and so I of course enjoyed the second film (which returned to Vancouver) more, too. Earlier this spring, I was thrilled and pretty much stupid happy about the news that FOX was greenlighting a micro-series revival of the series, as they’d successfully done twice with 24, they were fast-tracking it, and they were filming in Vancouver. Triple score!

Last week, the cast and crew, headed again by Chris Carter, settled into Vancouver to begin production on the fixed six-episode series that’s set to premiere in January 2016. TOO LONG!

Thankfully, FOX is completely on board with plugging the hell out of it, so you can follow production in real-time on social media. I cannot wait. We’ll keep you posted as newsworthy tidbits are revealed.

If you have a cable provider that carries Chiller, they’re cycling through the most excellent fourth season from 1997. “Memento Mori,” which I’m fairly certain won the show its Golden Globe trifecta of best series, actor, and actress, and Anderson her Emmy, was on the other night, and it’s still an amazing hour of TV.

Buzzfeed ran a piece last week in which Chris Carter recounted that the episode was a struggle to write, but months after it aired, a fan approached him while he was on vacation and recited Scully’s entire monologue from it, making all that labor was worth it.

I’m also sort of tickled that 22 years on from the premiere of the series, we find Duchovny and Anderson back to back on the same night on the same network in Aquarius and Hannibal. Hollywood is a funny, funny thing.

Here’s where to keep tabs on the production.

The X-Files will premiere January 24, 2016. All nine seasons and both films are available on DVD, and streaming on Amazon, Hulu Plus, and iTunes.

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