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Bates Motel Renewed Through Season 5 

Photo Credit: James Dittiger/A & E
Photo Credit: James Dittiger/A & E

Yassss! Late on this one, kids (we have a tropical storm rolling in here so the priority=plan + prepare!). Yesterday, A & E renewed Bates Motel for two more seasons, which is awesome news. Cartlton Cuse kept talking in definites that he had a five-year plan for the story, which is fabulous, but if he didn’t have a network backing that up, it was all for naught.

The renewal is for two ten-episode seasons–the first to begin airing in the spring of 2016. It sounds like they might be shooting them this fall in one set now that Freddie Highmore has wrapped up at Cambridge. I would be surprised if they actually do that because it would take the cast out of commission for other projects if they lock them in for eight-ish months, and part of the allure of the series for this cast has been the shorter shoots allowing them to work on other things.

I kind of hope they shoot it over two falls, but if it’s financially practical, I can’t blame them for consolidating. There’s also no word whether this will be the end of the show at five seasons. If it is, it gives them time to really map a conclusion, which I can completely get on board with.

It was good news/bad news for Cuse, though, as The Returned was cancelled.

Bates Motel online at AETV, Amazon, and iTunes. You can read all of our coverage here.

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