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KK Glick Talks Bravo’s Hilarious New Series Odd Mom Out and Previews “Dying to Get In” [Exclusive] 

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Are you watching Bravo’s Odd Mom Out? It’s a hilarious new scripted show that skewers the rich. Did you know living wakes are a thing? Did you know getting into certain cemeteries is as competitive as getting into a good country club? I don’t understand the Upper East Side lifestyle, but it is fun to take a peek into that world — in order to make fun of it.

I had the chance to talk exclusively to KK Glick, who plays Vanessa, an ER doctor and Jill’s best friend/confidant who does her best to keep Jill in check. We discussed this week’s episode “Dying to Get In,” as well as what it’s like to work with Jill Kargman and what’s coming up for Vanessa.

TV GOODNESS: I’ve seen the first 3 episodes. I laugh out loud during the show. I’m really enjoying it.

KK Glick: “Oh, bless you. Bless you. That is wonderful to hear. It’s not getting old at all. We’ve been getting a great response so far. Thank you.”

TV GOODNESS: I love your character. How did you hear about this role and what are you enjoying most about playing Vanessa?

Glick: “Vanessa is kind of my hero and was right off the bat. She’s calm, cool and collected and it’s such a relief to play something like that. I’m the biggest hypochondriac playing an ER doctor, which is rich and ironic. I just love that she’s Jill’s moral compass, which as you can see, is such an over-the-top wonderfully hilarious, wild world on the Upper East Side. We really lampoon everything that’s there to lampoon.

With Vanessa, I was so psyched at first because it was so wonderfully written. Vanessa is saying everything the audience is thinking, like ‘Ah. Thank God.’ I love to be that relatable character, ‘cause it’s so easy for Jill Weber to get caught up in this whole scene and the Von Weber world. So, I like keeping it real and bringing it back to reality. Someone has to shop at Lord & Taylor and I like that Vanessa is the person that brings her back to reality. Everyone has that best friend that keeps them in check and you love them for it. You don’t feel threatened by it.”

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

TV GOODNESS: I think Vanessa’s the perfect best friend. I love how up she is so up for making fun of everyone and everything with Jill. What’s been your favorite line or favorite scene so far?

Glick: “Oh, how do I count the ways? Honestly, I would get scripts and I would sit down and starting reading through them and really enjoying them. They are written so well and so funny and so, so relatable. Jill [Kargman], Elisa [Zuritsky] and Julie [Rottenberg] – you can just tell that they’re girl girls and they just get it, so to speak.

Episodes 1 and 2, which already aired, I guess I can quote the line, ‘People putting things in their assholes.’ As KK I’m like, ‘Can I say that? Did it happen? Why would one do that?’ But Vanessa has seen everything in the ER and so to say that was so fun. Jill and I improved exactly what one would find up there. So that was a hoot. That diner scene was so much fun.

In Episode 2, she’s a single lady in a sea of married women, which does get really, really fun the rest of the of the season. Also, I think that’s another relatable thing about her and I love how I said, ‘No, I leave the guys. The guys don’t leave me in the morning.’ I just think it’s rich and speaks to how awesome she is. She’s throwing herself down trash chutes to avoid the morning after, ‘cause no one ever enjoys it.”

TV GOODNESS: I love your chemistry with Jill, so tell me about working with her. I love that you guys improvised that diner scene.

Glick: “We always do a take as written and it’s so rich and so spot on that we don’t have to improv much, but they encourage us to for that one.

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

I met Jill and it was like, music played, there were doves, sparks flew. I had heard about the project and I went to her website and it was all these little specific things that I really related to with her. We’re both extremely pale with very, very dark hair. We idolize our family. Our family is our world. We both have an affinity to John Hughes movies. And then we met and it was instant. I completely fell in love with her. To know her is to love her, obviously, because it’s like she was put on the planet to entertain us. But also, she’s extremely giving and kind to everyone she’s around. We’ve grown to be quite good friends off-camera, too. On camera, it’s just such a hoot to play off her and I think we have the same sense of humor.”

TV GOODNESS: I have seen “Dying to Get In.” Can you tease that episode?

Glick: “Episode 3, I think, might just be the funnest day at work, even though it’s set against the backdrop of a death in the beginning of the episode. I lose a patient, RIP. But, again it’s over-the-top comedy. I lose a patient and then Jill messes up. Her in-laws are trying to get into a specific cemetery, which I had no idea that this existed. It’s like trying to get into a country club.”

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

TV GOODNESS: I didn’t either.

Glick: “I didn’t know this was a thing. I learn so much about things that exist that I had no clue existed, just from meeting Jill and then reading the episode. She messes that all up. In a series of hilarious events, she has to go to great lengths to win over this funeral director that was less than impressed by Jill’s behavior when they’re trying to get into this very posh cemetery when they will be dead. It’ a hilarious episode, with the backdrop being death. It’s pivotal for Vanessa because she did lose a patient and she’s going to a wake.

It was pure comedy shooting because my patient and his family hold this living wake for him and, pardon the pun, we were dying because this is a real thing. 1. I didn’t know people tried to get into cemeteries and be posh when they’re decomposing and 2. These living wakes, Jill was like, “No, no, no. It’s a totally real thing. It’s a Times article.’ So all of us Googled this article and we see – I think she was a manicurist from the South. She’s sitting up, holding her chihuahua and she’s dead. And she’s sitting up in her manicure chair. It’s half completely disturbing and creepy and half you have to laugh. Bonkers. So, it was a hilarious episode to shoot. It was the funniest wake I’ve ever been to.”

TV GOODNESS: I liked the episode a lot and that Vanessa’s working on her bucket list. After this episode, will Vanessa be keeping up with that list in any way?

Glick: “Yeah, in a way. Again, she represents the single ladies in New York. She’s just out of a divorce, so I think people will be really psyched and have an appetite for her journey. It’s not necessarily as specific as making pasta from scratch and rock climbing, which was such a hoot and I actually still rock climb. Vanessa helped me find my passion. But she starts dating, so she has a bunch of things I think the audience will love, seeing the men that come in and out of her life. So, yeah, she’s finding herself throughout the series.”

TV GOODNESS: Over the first few episodes, we learn that Vanessa has intimacy issues and seems to have no interest in getting married again, so I’m glad to hear we’ll see her dating and meeting some different men. That sounds great.

Glick: “The response I’ve gotten, I’ve heard a bunch of times, ‘I’m Vanessa. I’m Vanessa. I have intimacy issues.’ I’m just so psyched she can be so relatable. That’s how I watch TV. I love seeing myself represented on the screen.”

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

TV GOODNESS: For upcoming episodes, what else should we be looking forward to? I love learning about things when I watch the show.

Glick: “There’s a little bit here and there. We’d be at table reads and I’d say, ‘Jill. Are you kidding me with this shit?’ And then she’d go on about more details about the actual story and I’m like, ‘Wait. This is a real thing?’ And it’s something that happened in her life and you get very used to it.

In Episode 4, they have a big night out and things like credit card roulette, where a couple of big times on the Upper East Side, one pays for the whole meal, like 10 couples. Meanwhile, my husband and I are like, ‘Oh. Can we go out this Saturday night?’ So, it’s just opening up and getting a peek into this whole new world. And I’m just fascinated by this scene where people spend exorbitant amounts of money on everything in their life.

I used to live on the Upper East Side and I just couldn’t get over the price of candles. I’m thinking, ‘I’m gonna light this on fire when I get home.’  But I love it. I think it’s amazing, spending $400 on a candle. God bless. So there’s lots of little things over the course of the series that people will be surprised to hear is authentic.”

TV GOODNESS: That’s it for me, unless you have any final thoughts.

Glick: “Thank you so, so much. We’re all so thrilled that people have been enjoying it, because at the end of the day that’s what Jill was going for. It sounds trite and cliched and corny, but she wants to make people laugh because that’s what she loves to do.”

Edited for space and content.

Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz/Bravo
Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz/Bravo

“Dying to Get In” Synopsis, from Bravo:

Jill starts stressing over interviews with kindergartens for her twins after she realizes she is the only mom who hasn’t heard from any schools yet.  Andy tells Jill his mother wants the whole family to attend an interview for a prestigious, invite-only cemetery with a waiting list a mile long.  Jill doesn’t make the best first impression and must go to great lengths to secure the family’s final resting place.

Odd Mom Out airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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