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Drew Fuller Previews Love Finds You in Charm [Exclusive] 

Photo Credit: UP Television
Photo Credit: UP Television

Sunday night, UP TV premieres Love Finds You in Charm, the latest film in its Love Finds You In adaptations of the Guideposts series of novels.

Starring Danielle Churchran, Trevor Donovan (Texas Rising), and Drew Fuller, the film follows a young Amish woman as she explores which future she wants–the traditional one she’s been groomed to accept, or a modern life among the “English.” Donovan plays a young Amish man who she works alongside when she goes to help her cousin run a vegetable stand for the summer, and Fuller is a food blogger traveling in search of hidden food finds who gives her a glimpse of the alternative.

Photo Credit: UP Television
Photo Credit: UP Television

We had the chance to chat with Fuller about the film, his stint on Army Wives, and what’s next.

Fuller came to the project through a mutual friend on the production team. “[Director] Terry [Cunnighnam] had a clear vision for these characters and the story and I really responded to that,” says Fuller. “It’s a good story and I liked the opportunity to do a different character. That’s always exciting as an actor.”

He adds that the film aligned with what he’s looking for when he explores new opportunities. “It’s about what speaks to me, or who’s involved in the project, who I’ve wanted to work with or [who I] admire and respect,” he explains. “In this case, I really liked Terry and wanted to develop a relationship with him, and I’d worked with George [Shamieh] before. It’s always fun to switch it up and stretch different muscles.”

Fuller was unaware of the Guideposts series when he booked the role, and he enjoyed filming the project in Ohio in the heart of Amish country. “It was something I had never seen before. It was fascinating to experience it firsthand [and] realize the different levels of faith, as with any religion,” he says. “There was a girl who showed up in a carriage but she also had an iPhone and was on Facebook and Instagram, which I thought was amazing.”

Photo Credit: UP Television
Photo Credit: UP Television

Most fans know Fuller for his seven-year run on Lifetime’s Army Wives, and Fuller was honored to be part of such a significant show during a time of a large U.S. deployment overseas, when the subject matter was particularly relevant. “It was a game changer for me, because the responsibility was massive. All of our characters were based on real-life people,” he points out. “To be part of bringing that to life and to light was an honor. I was really grateful to have experienced that. I have friendships for life [and] nothing but the fondest of memories. It was wonderful.”

Next up, look for Fuller in an episode of Longmire, which will return on Netflix next year. He had a ball shooting in New Mexico. “It was incredible. That was a dream job,” he says. “When I was leaving, I thought, ‘this is a show I’d love to be part of.’ It felt like a film set. Really creative people, great actors, beautiful scenery. A tight crew that feels like a family. I was bummed to leave.”

Love Finds You in Charm premieres Sunday night at 7/6c on UP television.

Here are a few sneak peeks.

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