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Silicon Valley Preview: “White Hat/Black Hat” 

Silicon Valley Preview: “White Hat/Black Hat”
Photo Credit: HBO/Frank Masi
Photo Credit: HBO/Frank Masi
Photo Credit: HBO/Frank Masi

WARNING: Spoilers for tonight’s Silicon Valley

In tonight’s Silicon Valley, things get a little Scandal-esque as there’s talk about not wanting to wear the Black Hat. Is that even possible in this high tech universe? Richard’s about to learn a lesson about good guys/bad guys just as Pied Pier tries to defeat EndFrame to win the 15-million dollar Intersite account.

Synopsis for “White Hat/Black Hat”: When Richard takes pity on a competitor, he accidentally sparks a feud that finds him paranoid about security. Facing pressure from board members, Gavin looks to place responsibility elsewhere.


Photo Credit: HBO/Frank Masi
Photo Credit: HBO/Frank Masi

-Richard’s conscience gets him into so much trouble. Every time he tries to wear the White Hat it goes terribly, terribly wrong. After this episode, he might need to figure out a way to turn that pesky conscience of his off.

-Richard’s paranoia spiral affects Gilfoyle and Dinesh despite them being supremely confident in their skills.

-Erlich and Jian Yang pitch a new project that also involves Monica.

-Monica’s secret vice gets outed. Will an intervention be needed?

-Russ Hanneman and his two commas pay a visit to the boys of Pied Piper.

-Gavin Belson makes yet another manipulative move. Will it give him the results he wants or will it backfire on him spectacularly?

Black Hats. Paranoia. Smokation. Tequila. Four words you need to know when you tune in to tonight’s Silicon Valley, which premieres at 10/9c on HBO.

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