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Epix Documentary Preview: Deep Web 


Much more than a place to get access to illegal drugs, false identity papers, etc.,  Silk Road seemed like a place to build a community of like-minded individuals. Although there was illegal activity on Silk Road, there were still rules. Trying to hire a hitman? Not allowed. Interested in child pornography? Not allowed. The community didn’t want to hurt people or profit from anything that hurt people. The community wanted to bring about a world where government couldn’t control what people bought and sold.

Photo Credit: Epix
Photo Credit: Epix

Written, produced and directed by Alex Winter and narrated by Keanu Reeves, Deep Web chronicles one of the most important and riveting digital crime sagas of the century — the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the 30-year-old entrepreneur recently convicted of being ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ creator and operator of online black market Silk Road.

This isn’t just a film about cybercrime or punishing someone many believe to be a drug kingpin. It’s about people looking for a way to get around regulation by the State. It’s about people wanting to live their lives the way they see fit. It’s about people wanting to put an end to the War on Drugs. It’s about how important privacy and anonymity are in today’s digital age and what the federal government is trying to do to subvert that. Even if you don’t have anything to hide, an observed life isn’t a completely free life.

What is the Deep Web?

The Silk Road Servers

On Friday, May 29th Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison, but this story isn’t over. Many say he didn’t get a fair trial. So, if he decides to fight this conviction, many are hoping the FBI will finally have to answer for how they got access to those servers. Were Ulbricht’s 4th Amendment rights violated? What does this have to do the Patriot Act, which is set to expire on June 1st? It’s also a fight for Ulbricht’s freedom. Will he ever be able to prove that he isn’t the Dread Pirate Roberts? Does that matter?

This documentary asks some really important questions. We hope you’ll watch.

Deep Web premieres Sunday, May 31st at 8/7c on Epix.

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