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Silicon Valley Preview: “Adult Content” 

Silicon Valley Preview: “Adult Content”
Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO
Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO
Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO

WARNING: Spoilers for Silicon Valley

Pied Piper made a bold move during last week’s Silicon Valley. Of course said move backfired most awkwardly for Richard and quite spectacularly for Gilfoyle and Dinesh. That’s what happens when you use Jared’s SWOT analysis plan (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for evil rather than for good. Hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson.

We also found out Erlich’s nickname from his college days: Kool-Aid. Yes, he’s named after the drink — well, specifically, he’s named after the Kool-Aid guy from the old commercials. And no, it wasn’t meant to be a term of endearment. It was meant to be a term of derision. In the end, getting the Homicide Energy drink account was EndFrame. You remember this company. They tricked the boys into spilling details of their compression algorithm while trying to woo them. The bums. Bums who are back to bite Pied Piper in the ass, that is.

This latest development sends Richard on the attack in tonight’s episode.

Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO
Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO

Synopsis for “Adult Content”: With the Pied Piper team fielding job offers and Russ (Chris Diamantopoulos) distracted by financial news, Richard faces the prospect of either merging with a nemesis or folding. Gavin attempts to turn Nucleus’ failure into a success. Dinesh tries his hand at wooing a woman online. After Gilfoyle suggests a risky move, Richard reaches out to an unconventional client.

Quick Assessment of “Adult Content”

It’s always fun to see how the respective companies and individuals on this show react to the situations and roadblocks thrown in their way. We see Gavin’s next move in the wake of Hooli’s epic MMA failure; Russ’ mind goes into overdrive when it comes to his financial status; Richard knows it’s life or death time for Pied Piper so he goes on the offense; but it’s Gilfoyle who might not only have the mind but the serious you-know-what for surviving in this cutthroat world.


-Richard attempts to deal with EndFrame.

-Russ’s financial crisis throws him for a loop. The question is how is Pied Piper going to be affected by this crisis? ‘Cause you know they will be.

-Big Head has a lucid moment…for a moment.

-Erlich is surprisingly subdued in “Adult Content.” But something seemingly good comes back into his life without him even trying.

Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO
Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO

-Dinesh takes some liberties when trying to hook up with a woman he connects with online. His audacity knows no bounds.

-Gilfoyle sits back and acts as the chorus for Dinesh’s online dating misadventures. But he’s the instigator when it comes to planning Pied Piper’s next move.

Romy Rosemont guest stars as Molly Kendall. Anyone who watched Glee should recognize her as Finn’s mom and Kurt’s stepmom. But did you know that in real life she’s married to the great Stephen Root (NewsRadio, Office Space)?

Silicon Valley airs Sundays at 10/9 on HBO.

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