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6 Moments of Goodness from The Flash “Fast Enough” 


Photo Credit: Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW
Photo Credit: Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

The season 1 finale was all I hoped for and more. And it turns out I was right about Dr. Wells and the Reverse Flash (even though it didn’t really make sense at the time). I’ve always wanted Dr. Wells to be a villain, so I was ridiculously happy when he turned out to be one. Of course, we never really got to know the “real” Dr. Wells. We only know Eobard Thawne, who stole Wells’ identity and helped make Barry Allen the man he is today. And what kind of man is that? A man willing to go back in time to save his mother, even if it means he’ll never live with Joe and Iris and never gets the chance to meet and work with Cisco and Caitlin; a man who knows he’s got under two minutes to change history and return. unless we wants to cause a singularity that could destroy Central City and maybe even the world; a man who’s learned that Oliver Queen’s version of heroism isn’t right for him; a man who’s learned that to do right, he may have to trust the bad guy.

Here are my favorite moments from “Fast Enough”:

Caitlin and Ronnie Get Married

I have to say, I really enjoy the back and forth between Ronnie and Dr. Stein in this episode. Their dynamic is funny and clever and I love that Ronnie chooses Caitlin and that she chooses him right back.

Ronnie: “I thought too much of what might happen if the government tracked us down, if we couldn’t control our powers and we hurt someone. If we hurt you. But I realized that, although sometimes I’m more than one man I’m not whole unless I’m with you.”

Even though I love the dynamic between Caitlin and Barry — and I can’t wait to get more of that next season, whatever happens with her and Ronnie — I’m happy Caitlin got to marry the man she loves. Maybe she won’t get the life she dreamed of, but I hope she gets at least a little time of wedded bliss.

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW


Cisco Says His Piece

I wasn’t sure why Cisco could remember something from an alternate timeline (even if it was something as traumatic as his own death), but it ultimately helped them discover the true identity of Dr. Wells, so I didn’t really question it. But when Cisco decides to confront Wells and tells him he remembers Eobard murdering him, things get really interesting.

Cisco: “Is that what you told yourself? When you killed me?”
Wells: “What? What did you say?”
Cisco: “It was an alternate timeline, one that Barry reset. But I never forgot it. It just kept coming back to me and I can still picture the way you looked at me when you called me a son.”

Is Cisco a metahuman? The fact that he can remember anything from a different timeline means he was also affected by the accident and even though Cisco doesn’t want to believe Eobard when he tells Cisco that, it completely makes sense. And considering how the episode ended, his particular ability might come in handy if the timeline of the show is affected.

But more than that, I want to talk about Wells and Cisco. Even though Wells refused to apologize (or even really feel sorry) for killing Cisco, he said he considered Cisco a son. In some ways it was hard to like Eobard. He did a lot of horrible things, but loving and helping to shape Cisco (and Barry) into the men they’ve become isn’t one of them. Wells challenged both Cisco and Barry in different ways, but without his influence neither would’ve realized their full potential. I personally love it when a bad guy or villain has a hand in making a good guy a great guy. So while there’s plenty to dislike about Wells, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to truly hate him.

Eddie Gets to Be the Hero

There are no coincidences and Eddie’s destiny is Iris. Even if Eobard showed Eddie a version of the future where he and Iris aren’t together, I’m glad Eddie decides to choose and follow his own path. Even though I completely believe that Iris and Barry are endgame, I’ve really enjoyed watching Eddie and Iris’ relationship evolve and grow. I was more than OK with them choosing to be together now and to see how it all played out. So when Eddie shoots himself in the heart, I was shocked. I was actually beyond shocked. I couldn’t believe it, but it totally makes sense at the same time.

Joe: “Eddie! What did you do? What did you do?”
Eddie: “There’s no such thing as a coincidence.”
Barry: “What’s happening?”
Cisco: “Eddie is his ancestor. If Eddie dies he’ll never be born and…he’s being erased from existence.”
Iris: “No. No! Eddie, no. Stay with me, OK? Stay.”
Eddie: “He was wrong, it turns out. I’m a hero after all.”

Eddie’s a good man, maybe even a great one. Even though Eobard said that he wasn’t special or destined to be remembered in the history books, he sacrifices himself so that The Flash can live. He chooses to be the hero by killing himself — and by default his descendent Eobard Thawne — so that the world doesn’t have to live without The Flash. I will mourn him.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW
Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

Barry and His Two Dads

When Barry tells his father what he/s planning to do, I love that Henry Allen cautions him not to. While I’m sure it would’ve been amazing for Barry to grow up with both his parents — and to not have to watch his father rot in jail for a crime he didn’t commit — it’s more important to Henry for Barry to be happy. Even though he’s in jail, he loves the man Barry’s become.

Barry: “I can save mom.”
Henry: “At what cost? You said time would change. What if it changes you?”
Barry: “Well, I don’t care.”
Henry: “I do. I am in awe of the remarkable man that you are becoming, all the things you have achieved and not just as The Flash, but you Barry, you’re honesty, your heart. You’re always a hero.”

Even though he wasn’t able to be a bigger part of Barry’s life, Henry wouldn’t change anything if it means there’s a chance Barry could die. All he wants is for Barry to be a good man and he is one. All he wants is for Barry to have the chance to have kids and feel as proud of his son as Henry is of Barry.

I can’t imagine a world where Joe isn’t Barry’s dad as well. Yes, he has to go through a devastating tragedy for Joe to become first a father-figure and then a father, but it’s hard to imagine a timeline where Barry and Joe aren’t this close. And by association, Barry would’ve never gotten to know Iris and he may not have fallen for her (although, come on; this needs to happen in every timeline). So when Joe is a little too quick to tell Barry to go back in time and change his future, that’s got to be a little hurtful to Barry. But like any good father, Joe just wants whatever’s best for Barry. So if Barry thinks going back in time to save his mother is the right choice for him, why wouldn’t he support it? Barry is his kid — no matter the biology — and he wants him happy, just like Henry.

Barry Says Goodbye to His Mother

The fact that Barry is able to actually travel back in time is a bit of a miracle. There was such a good chance he was going to be killed before he was able to make the trip. So when he’s able to run fast enough and get back to the moment when Eobard kills his mother, that feels like such a major success. The fact that his future self cautions him against saving his mother is surprising. That never factored into it for me. I thought he wouldn’t make it back, or that Eobard would somehow stop him. But I never thought he’d stop himself from saving his mother. So after Eobard stabs her, I’m so glad Barry has the chance to say goodbye.

Barry: “This won’t make any sense, but it’s me, mom. It’s Barry.”
Nora: “Barry?”
Barry: “Your Barry.”
Nora: “My beautiful boy.”
Barry: “I got a second chance to come back here to tell you I’m Ok. Dad and I are both OK. And we love you, mom. I love you.”

Barry needs closure on this chapter in his life and he gets it. He gets the chance to say goodbye to his mother. He gets the chance to show her he’s grown up and I think she knows that he turns out to be a good man. And maybe it’s something he knows all along or something he realizes after he says goodbye to his mother, but Barry realizes he can’t let Eobard go back to his own time.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Barry Saves Central City From Disaster (Probably)

Whether it’s Eddie’s death that causes the singularity, or something else, Central City and the entire world is in danger now. The team knew that if Barry didn’t get back to the present in under 2 minutes it would cause a rip in the fabric of time and that rip would cause a black hole. So when he makes it back with time to spare, it seems like they’re safe. But after Eddie dies, the wormhole becomes unstable and transforms into a black hole. The only possible solution to reverse it is for Barry to “outrun” it. Who knows what will happen, but I wonder what it’ll change. I love the possibility of another timeline. Will we get to know the real Dr. Wells? Will Barry grow up with Henry Allen or with Joe and Iris West? When will Barry meet Cisco and Caitlin? Will he still end up becoming a forensic scientist? Will Eddie be alive? I have no idea how (or if) the timeline will change, but I’m excited for whatever season 2 has in store.

Season 2 of The Flash premieres this fall.

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  1. Heather M

    The thing I didn’t 100% understand — did the other Barry convince him to let his mom die when he held up his hand to “stop” or “wait,” or was he telling him to wait until he had boy Barry out of the way?

    I sort of assumed Eddie was doomed as soon as he got the “you have a purpose” speech, but I didn’t expect him to Looper himself.

  2. MByerly

    Barry and Iris were best friends before his mom died. That’s the primary reason Joe fostered him. So, yes, they already had enough of a romantic connection so that they didn’t need for him to move in for the relationship to happen.

    Heather, future Barry had already rescued young Barry before he held up his hand to stop our Barry from rescuing his mom. He probably has seen enough of the time line to know her death was meant to be. Or maybe future Barry is from the time line where present Barry saved his mom and screwed up the future so badly that he came back to stop himself.

    The way things happened after Barry returns from the past shows that fake Wells’ influence on Barry’s present and past still remain. His influence in the future disappears, though, in this time line.

    From what I’ve figured out, according to what’s been said on the show and the producers’ discussions of the show’s future, alternate time lines will be part of the plot, now. Time branching off from specific moments in time and different choices–Barry saving his mom or not, Eddie dying or not dying, etc.–will create another possible past and future.

    Cisco’s gift for remembering various time lines will probably be used to travel those time lines.

    Since LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is all about alternate time lines, the first half of next season’s FLASH will probably be setting up LEGEND’s premise.

    I’m not happy with any of this since time travel, with the exception of DOCTOR WHO where he isn’t allowed to interfere in his own past and future, always screws up a series because death, bad choices, and tragic events no longer have consequences.

    1. TV Goodness

      Thanks for commenting and I completely agree. Consequences are some important, but I’m reserving judgement (for now) about all this alternate timeline stuff. I think it could be awesome and I trust Berlanti to do a good job. Always love reading your opinion. But, yes, let’s regroup at the start of season 2 so we can discuss what we’re liking or not liking about this new direction.

    2. Heather M

      Thank you for the perspective on the Barrys. I ran it back a few times and I just couldn’t decide whether that was the scene where the penny dropped for him, or he knew before he went back.

      As long as it doesn’t pull focus from The Flash in a “Hey, we’re putting on a show over there, too!” kind of way, I’m OK with alternate timelines (I LOVE 12 Monkeys), but I also feel like S1 set such a high bar for a first season that there’s no way they can do it again. But I’d really like to see them try!

  3. Teri

    This season of The Flash has been great! I agree with Heather, I’m not sure how they’re going to top it with season 2, but it’ll be fun to see them try.

    I was SO shocked that Eddie shot himself. I was shocked at how shocked I was! lol It’s not that the thought has never crossed my mind. From the time Eobard/Wells mentioned that Eddie was part of his lineage, I thought Eddie dying might take care of him. I guess I thought there was no way he’d die already or that he’d do it himself.

    Before Arrow/The Flash, I hadn’t seen Grant Gustin in anything. He’s pretty fantastic though. Barry’s conversations with Joe, his dad, and with his mom were SO emotional in the season finale. Had me with a little dust in my eyes a couple of times. Plus, I like when he ventures to Starling City to lighten the mood a bit for the broody crew over there. 🙂

    Random thoughts on the episode: I’m intrigued by Cisco being affected by the explosion. Who doesn’t love Caitlin and Ronnie? I hope Robbie Amell can make a few more appearances next season. Obviously Barry is going to stop the black hole, right? Otherwise, what would season 2 be?

    Great season! Thanks for the recaps and interviews, I’ve enjoyed them!

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