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Revenge “Plea” 

Revenge “Plea”
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

Well the news came this week that this will be the last season of Revenge. The writing was on the wall but it’s still bittersweet news. Can Amanda be rescued? Will Nolan, David and Jack be her savior? Here are some things to think about:

  • Amanda’s lawyer is kind of an ass. Isn’t he the guy that played her Dad on Everwood? Interesting.
  • Nolan is on the case. He finds Mason Treadwell but he has to get more so they can prove Amanda was set up.
  • Jack goes with David to chemo. Such a good future son-in-law! I love Jack!
  • Louise and Margaux are now BFFs? Louise has become annoying.
  • Amanda is out on bail but she has an ankle monitor and is on house arrest. You know she’s going to get out of it and Nolan is on it!
  • Ben…I knew I didn’t like him. Isn’t it a conflict of interest since he was just dating her to be the lead guy on Amanda’s case? Just saying…
  • Jack is sticking around. Yay! Jack finds out that Amanda came to the airport to stop him from going to California. And she confirms this is true! How happy is Jack?
  • Nolan has bad timing! Jack and Amanda are finally going to kiss. It will happen. It better happen!
  • Charlotte is back and Louise the crazy person goes to rehab to see her. Charlotte says she isn’t going to the funeral and tells her that she grieved before when her mom “died” the first time.  Charlotte is on it!
  • I knew that Amanda was going to some how try to get out of the ankle monitor. And the way things are going you know she’s going to be caught.
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
  • David wants Amanda to not do anything that will get her in trouble. Well, she is sneaky and puts her ankle monitor on David.  Good idea. Not!
  • Jack goes to see Margaux even though Amanda doesn’t want him to. He knows that Margaux is part of the whole Amanda set-up.
  • Ben is annoying. He totally busts Amanda. He is so bitter.
  • I knew it! Victoria is alive and hanging out with Mason Treadwell! She’s in a Trailer Park? Well we know that won’t last. Victoria has turned into Amanda/Emily!
  • Nolan tries to convince Louise that Victoria set up Amanda. Louise isn’t listening. Why is she trying to make Victoria a saint? Louise is so dumb.
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
  • How awful is it that David passes out in front of Amanda and she can’t do anything because they are separated by glass.
  • Margaux buys jewelry and then gets caught with jewelry in her purse. Jack set it up with some buddy that does private security. Love it! Love Jack.
  • All Amanda needs is time with Margaux and she gets it!
  • Amanda is such a bad ass. Margaux should have known better than to mess with Amanda/Emily!
  • Louise is waking up to the fact that Victoria really did set up Amanda because she finds the black hoodie of the person that attacked Victoria in the garage. Originally she thought it was Amanda but we all know that’s not true.
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
  • Ben is such a jerk and should remove himself from the case. Amanda tries to tell Ben that she has been set up. Kind of brilliant how Victoria pulled this off. (With help of course!)
  • Louise really is a flip flopper of the worst kind. But it makes Ben think twice if Amanda is telling the truth.
  • The body of Mary, the woman Victoria used to replace her in the ashes of Grayson Manor, is missing. See Ben, Amanda isn’t lying!
  • Margaux convinces Louise that Nolan planted the black hoodie. Again, Louise is the flip flopper of the worst kind.
  • Poor David Clarke. The guy lost his life because he was set up and then he contracts cancer that has spread to the brain. Just doesn’t seem fair.
  • Ben breaks into Mary Gaines home, to see what is what. And finds Victoria but is stabbed by Courtney Love! Margaux sent her and now she has blood on her hands!

Next week is the series finale. Will it wrap up the way we want? Will Jack and Amanda live happily ever after? Will David survive or will he die thinking his Amanda is still in trouble? So many questions but will we get answers?

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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