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Silicon Valley Preview: “Runaway Devaluation” 

Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, T.J. Miller, Thomas Middleditch, Frank Masi
Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO

Last week’s premiere of HBO’s Silicon Valley was an amazing start to season two. So many twists as the Pied Piper boys navigated the river of success that comes with winning TechCrunch Disrupt.

As a result, there were a boat load of venture capitalists all vying to invest in the little company with an innovative algorithm that makes compressing data quicker and easier. Erlich, of course, took advantage of the fact that Pied Piper was the one with the power. So he jumped on every chance to be the vulgar ass that we know he strives to be on a daily basis.

The Peter Gregory memorial service was one of the best send-offs for any TV character ever. Although I found myself laughing at the jokes at SnapChat’s expense; and the super-sized montage of Peter Gregory photos playing on the big screen; it was all very sad at the same time considering Christopher Evan Welch (the actor who played the severely quirky character) died in real life during the making of season one. But kudos to the show for giving the character the perfect goodbye. So well done. And so was that earlier conversation that tried to explain how the venture capitalist actually died.

Meanwhile, Richard figured out that in order to duck the monster pressure that comes with signing a massive multi-million dollar deal with one of these venture capital firms; and to prevent his company from quickly going under; Pied Piper would have to negotiate down. That way, failure won’t be as much of an option. Monica helped him realize that was the way to go. Mad respect for the epic meltdown that Richard’s friend at the bar had after learning it was possible to ask for less. That was a rewind and repeat moment for sure.

However, it’s too bad Richard didn’t find out about Gavin Belson’s lawsuit until after he agreed to go with Raviga Capital for much less than originally offered. Pied Piper is in dire need of dollars in order to deal with this nasty Hooli sabotage. They need more money. Now.

Synopsis for Episode #10, “Runaway Devaluation”: In the wake of Hooli’s bombshell, Richard and the guys struggle to find a backer as they face legal and financial woes. Monica attempts to balance her interest in Pied Piper with her job. A cash-strapped Dinesh tries to put an end to the Kickstarter campaign for his cousin’s new app, Bro. Richard gets a surprising offer. Written by Ron Weiner; directed by Mike Judge.


-Get ready to see Erlich eating crow now that everyone’s heard about the Hooli lawsuit. “Runaway Devaluation” is pretty brutal on the Pied Piper boys.

-We meet a member of Dinesh’s family. And it’s funny to find out that the cousin who’s young and has a hot girlfriend and is trying to make an app happen via Kickstarter…isn’t the cool cousin.

It’s safe to say that Gilfoyle will get a lot of mileage out of this. He sure does like to make Dinesh’s life more complicated. I guess that’s why you can’t spell Gilfoyle without “foil.”

-Our love for Zach Woods’ Jared cannot be matched. Love how he decides to get with the program on a seriously outdated saying. But hearing his perspective on things is always so hilarious.

-Episode two ends with another cliff-hanger scenario. We already can’t wait to see what happens next week.

We’d like to send a socially awkward shout out to the cast and crew. HBO has already renewed the comedy for a third season. Congratulations! Silicon Valley airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on HBO.

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