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Silicon Valley Season 2 Premiere Preview 

Photo Credit: Frank Masi/HBO

It’s time to awkwardly rejoice because Pied Piper is back in business. Tonight, HBO’s Silicon Valley finally returns with new episodes. Was that a long hiatus or what?

Synopsis of “Sand Hill Shuffle”: Following their success at TechCrunch Disrupt, the guys of Pied Piper find themselves aggressively courted by every VC in Silicon Valley. With Peter Gregory’s company facing major changes, Monica tries to do what’s best while dealing with new managing partner Laurie, a competitive bigwig who will do anything to hold onto Pied Piper. Later, Richard makes a decision about the company’s future and faces big news from Hooli. Written by Clay Tarver; directed by Mike Judge.


Season 2 gets off to a great start with the boys of Pied Piper being wooed after their big victory at TechCrunch Disrupt.

-Richard’s still endearingly awkward but he also conveys more confidence in himself and his product  (MAJOR spoiler alert — he doesn’t let his success or his nerves get to him — he doesn’t get sick even once in the premiere)

-Erlich remains an endearing asshole — he gets things done in his own Erlich way. He’s often rude and crude but you just can’t hate him for it. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. At least in this first episode back, the boys of Pied Piper are working together and it’s nice.

-Although as you might expect, Dinesh and Gilfoyle continue to bicker about anything and everything.

Suzanne Cryer (Shameless, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place) joins the show as Laurie Bream. Cryer really does a good job of making her character (the new managing partner at Raviga Capital) quirky and interesting. It’s going to be cool to see how she effects the landscape as the season continues. There’s an air of unpredictability when it comes to Laurie. Monica’s definitely going to have some adjusting to do.

-Gavin Belson is still a Grade A you-know-what. But, man, Matt Ross excels at playing the slick, slimy, CEO of Hooli. You know the guy doesn’t have a sincere bone in his body. Sometimes, he makes you think he does. But he really doesn’t. Not even an ounce.

-In tonight’s episode, the Winklevoss Twins make a cameo — you can see for yourself in the clip below:

The guys of Pied Piper being wooed at AT&T Park in San Francisco — home of the World Champion Giants

The season premiere is so good. This show loves to throw all these great twists and turns that make each episode worth watching right from beginning to end; the writing is stellar; and the cast continues to shine. Silicon Valley airs on HBO Sunday nights at 10/9c.

Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet

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