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Game of Thrones “The Wars to Come” 

Photo Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
Photo Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

The Mother of Dragons has freed the slaves of Meereen, but as any city eventually does under the mantle of foreign rule, it rebels. So, while it’s strange and unexpected for any of the Unsullied to visit a brothel, it’s there that one of their ranks is killed. Who is this masked murderer? Daenerys has tasked her advisors to find out.

Stannis Baratheon needs the help of Mance Rayder to take conquer the North and take Winterfell from Roose Bolton. But Mance refuses to bend the knee. I like that Mance is a man of principle. He’s done losing men and he won’t have them fight for anyone else either. Winter is coming and he just wants his people to be south of the wall.

Mance wants no part in the politics of the seven kingdoms. So, he faces his death with his head held high. He doesn’t want to be remembered for the screaming that will surely accompany his fiery death — something he tells Jon Snow when Jon tells Mance how he’ll to be put to death — so after the fire has been set, Jon grants him mercy. He kills Mance with an arrow, so he won’t have to die a slow, painful and agonizing death.

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Baelish has left Robin Arryn in capable hands as he and Sansa set off for somewhere that not even Cersei can find them. I think they’re wise to be cautious and trust no one. I feel like Sansa shouldn’t even trust Baelish. But he’s done a good job of keeping her alive, for now and it’s not like she has a lot of people she can turn to.


Where is Drogon and when will Rhaegal and Viserion be freed? I get why Daenerys is skittish around them — they’re upset for being abandoned and chained in the dark — but she is the unburnt. Fire cannot kill a dragon.

Even though it pains me to see it, the relationship between Reek and Ramsay is so compelling, so I’m wondering when we’ll see them again. Will they be at Winterfell or now that Ramsay has taken his father’s last name (or, more accurately, earned the right to call himself a Bolton), will Roose have a new mission for him?

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Why is Melisandre so interested in Jon Snow? When she asked if he was a virgin, part of me hoped that he wouldn’t answer. Is it really any of her business? And why is it important for her to know that?

How secure is the Lannister’s hold on the throne? I think Jamie is wise to assume everyone is their enemy, especially now that Twyin’s dead.

I know Arya’s on a ship bound for Braavos. When will she arrive and what can she expect there?

Will cousin Lancel’s recent spiritual awakening have any affect on Cersei? He seems the sort whose belief may turn to fanaticism. But what do the Sparrows believe in and how did Lancel become involved with them? He’s a threat to her either way for whatever part he may have played in Robert’s death and for the intimate knowledge he was of the Queen regent.

Random Thoughts

Although Brienne claims she doesn’t want to lead, I’m glad she hasn’t gotten rid of Podrick yet. She’s trying, but I hope she doesn’t succeed.

I hope Varys and Tyrion get to Meereen quickly. I very much want to see Tyrion and Daenerys become allies.

The witch Cersei went to see when she was a girl answered 3 questions. Cersei was to be queen, have 3 children (although Robert had 20) and lose her crown to a younger and more beautiful woman. So, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Daenerys takes the throne. Or it’s possible that some other woman will take it from her. I hope it’s Daenerys. I can’t wait to see Cersei toppled from that pedestal.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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