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Scandal “Honor Thy Father” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

Is your head still spinning?

This week’s episode of Scandal focuses on Jake and begs the question – is he one of the good guys, or not?

It’s the case with most of the characters on Scandal that the answer to that question is a difficult one. Even Fitz has committed murder, though that’s an easy fact to forget when he’s running a country or being sympathetic to his wife.

As for Jake, we love to think of him as the guy in Olivia’s flashbacks with the smile and the sunglasses, or as the guy who will do anything to keep her safe. David Rosen even defends him to the others, talking about “the Jake he knows.” For a moment, he seems to have forgotten about that time when Jake murdered James Novak right in front of him.

Then, we do see that memory, which is only made more painful by the flashbacks with James last week. That’s when David realizes he can testify as a witness.

David: Huck, we don’t need to find any other B613 agents. We have another witness. Me. I saw Jake kill James Novak, and Vanessa Chandler, and Shelby Moss. I can testify. To bring down B613 we need to bring down Command. Command is Rowan, but Command is also Jake.

As David makes that declaration, we see Jake listening in, and it’s easy to believe he’s against the team and that Olivia is in danger.

Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder
Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

Huck is the best example of a good man who was brainwashed by B613, so he understands what happens when an agent is pushed too far. When Quinn and the others try to decide what to do about Jake, they talk about how he loves Olivia and did everything he could to rescue her only weeks before. Huck’s explanation is a simple one, and it seems to be a good reason to get rid of Jake.

Huck: Jake isn’t Jake anymore, Quinn. We were trained the same way. We pushed him too far. He’s in survival mode. He’s got to that place where you don’t think. Where it’s just your five senses. Where all you do is react. Where killing is as easy as buttoning your shirt.

So they join together to try to take him down, keeping Olivia out of it completely – big mistake! Don’t these guys know by now not to keep things from Olivia?

In the final moments of the episode, we learn the truth. Jake didn’t kill those agents and he is still on their side. It’s Holly, the woman we barely notice except that she’s doing things like bringing David Rosen coffee – she’s the one against them all.

Jake: We’re the good guys, but you won’t always be able to tell.

Oh, and Olivia has been with Jake listening in on their calls all along.

Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder
Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

Other Thoughts:

  • The case this week is completely heartbreaking. I’m glad Olivia was able to convince the dad to let his son take the blame for his crimes.
  • One of my favorite moments in this episode is when Fitz saves the day by putting on the charm and smoothing things over between Mellie and her crazy half-sister.
  • Papa Pope is back! Things are about to get serious, you guys.

What did you think of this week’s episode of? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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