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Outlander Mid-Season Premiere Preview: “The Reckoning” 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Things were not looking good at the end of “Both Sides Now.” In fact, they were looking very, very bad for Claire. Randall had finally caught Claire in a lie and was going to teach her a lesson, the way he teaches all women a lesson — he’s going to rape her. She’s bent over the table and he’s about to do his worst when Jamie bursts in through the window. Thank God. But how is Jamie going to get Claire, himself and the rest of the raiding party out of Fort William safely? What will be the consequences of Jamie’s latest brush with Black Jack Randall? And is he the only enemy in their midst?

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Episode synopsis, from Starz:

Jamie and the Highlanders rescue Claire from Black Jack Randall. Back at the castle, politics threaten to tear Clan MacKenzie apart and Jamie’s scorned lover, Laoghaire, attempts to win him back.

The mid-season premiere of Outlander airs Saturday, April 4th at 9/8c on Starz.


Clip 1: Claire is Missing

Clip 2: The Clan MacKenzie Arrives at Fort Williams

Clip 3: Laoghaire Demands an Explanation

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