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Finding Carter Season 2 Premiere Preview: “Love the Way You Lie” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It’s time for Carter — and us — to learn the real truth behind Carter’s abduction all those years ago. We’re assuming you’ve seen the first 8 minutes of the season 2 premiere “Love the Way You Lie.” If you haven’t, scroll down and check it out now. We’re about to spoil a few things, so we’ll wait.

First 8 Minutes of S2:

First of all, we hated the Max/Taylor breakup, so thank God their four hour separation is over. We get that Max was shot and is understandably depressed and angry, but that’s no excuse for the way he was treating Taylor. We’re glad it only took a few hours for him to come to his senses. Don’t push her away again, Max. Please and thank you.

Also, it’s time for Lori to start explaining herself — not later, NOW. We love that Carter was able to escape from her after she told Carter they were going back for Taylor. Now we’re hoping Carter will go back to Elizabeth, David, Taylor and Grant and get some answers. Did David have any part in this? We know David and Lori had something going on. That picture of David sleeping is “proof” of an affair or of some type of relationship with Lori. What, if anything, does Elizabeth know? Why would Lori want to abduct Taylor as well? We can’t believe we’re advocating ANOTHER kidnapping (because we’re not), by why doesn’t Lori want Grant? He’s still the forgotten child in all of this. And why is Crash back? Wherever this leads, we will follow because it’s time to start getting the real story.

Season 2 of Finding Carter premieres Tuesday, March 31st at 10/9c on MTV.

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