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Revenge “Clarity” 

Revenge “Clarity”
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Last week Margaux lied and told Victoria that Emily pushed her in front of that taxi. This week, Victoria is probably going to try to get back at her sworn enemy, right? How will Emily deal with everything? With as much drama as possible, of course. Here’s what we know:

  • Margaux still hasn’t told Victoria the truth. What will Victoria do? We know she can be very vindictive. Understatement.
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
  • It’s nice that David Clarke is trying to spend time with his daughter. They have their first ritual: coffee in the morning. It’s nice.
  • Ben is spending the night now? I’m annoyed. I mean…of course he is spending the night but I’m still Team Jack all the way!
  • We find out Louise went to her brother’s funeral and now she wants a baby? Nolan isn’t into it.  Louise might not be on those drugs anymore but she is a still a little cuckoo.
  • Nolan and the social worker, Tony, are flirty and he invites Nolan to a party. I still feel like Tony has another agenda because everyone on this show does.
  • Victoria is back to her old ways and is now threatening Ben. He finally gets promoted to detective and he has to deal with this lady. She’s a force of nature but that’s the price you pay when you date Emily Thorne.
  • Stevie (Jack’s Mom) has put Emily on notice. No one messes with her boy! Emily wants to change her story to clear Daniel’s name and Stevie wants to protect her son.
  • Louise totally called Victoria’s BS. Nice!
  • Great line: “You come from two alcoholic parents. Make sure Emily is not your scotch.”  -Stevie to Jack.
  • Nolan lies to Louise about Tony and hanging out. You know that will be a problem at some point.
  • Kevin, Ben’s brother is in town. How long before we find out his agenda? Because there is always a hidden agenda.
  • Emily is dining with Ben and his brother when Jack visits. He won’t come in. (I mean that’s understandable) He tells Emily to forget about changing the story about Daniel’s death. Has he ever said no to her and meant it? Good for Jack.
  • Louise tells Nolan about Victoria’s visit. He is so uncomfortable with her all of a sudden. And then Louise sees a picture of Nolan from the party in the gossip rags. Victoria tells Louise she trusts the wrong people. Is she right?
  • Nolan doesn’t want Emily to change the story either. Both Nolan and Jack saying no to Emily? What is this world coming to?
  • Stevie goes to see David to get Emily to stay away from Jack. She attacks him verbally. He’s not going to hear it. He cuts himself. Way to go, Stevie.
  • Louise overhears the conversation between Jack and Nolan and realizes that Nolan pities her. What will Louise do next? She’s not medicated anymore so this could be interesting.
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
  • Courtney Love plays a scary lady. What was she supposed to do to Emily?
  • Nolan asks Louise for a divorce. She acts calm but we know better.
  • Emily seems to be tortured by everything that has happened. Will she totally unravel?
  • Stevie goes to apologize to David. I still think they could be the next super couple.
  • Ben sees Emily and Jack on TV and it crushes him. Hello…Jack is her true love.
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
  • Emily reveals she is Amanda Clarke on TV. What the heck?! This changes everything.

She finally did it. The whole world knows she’s the real Amanda Clarke. There will be consequences now that she’s in the open. This is huge.

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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