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Restaurant Startup Season 2 Finale Preview: “Food of the Future” 

Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/CNBC
Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/CNBC

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

We have enjoyed every single episode of Restaurant Startup this season. Sometimes we didn’t understand why Tim and Joe favored one duo over another — but that only added to the allure and suspense, and their decisions were always explained when they sat down to evaluate each pop up performance. But what remained constant was the passion and drive displayed by everyone who was seeking an investment. Some weren’t ready, some didn’t seem to understand that Tim and Joe were making them a good offer and quite a few accepted an investment. We do hope season 3 devotes a little time to showing us how those who received investments from Tim and/or Joe are doing. It would be interesting — and probably quite a bit of fun — to revisit some of these concepts.

So, what can we expect in this week’s season 2 finale? It’s time for some mad science — specifically, two unique approaches to molecular gastronomy. Crave Culinaire and The Investing Room have very different markets in mind for their science-based food.

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

Crave Culinaire pitches a high-end, chef- driven restaurant for the 1%.

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

The Inventing Room wants to open a quick-service restaurant that serves snacks, desserts and drinks to the masses.

Which team will get the chance to launch a pop-up restaurant in L.A. – and earn an investment that could change their lives? Check out the extended sneak peek below to see how they pitch their concepts to Tim and Joe.

The season 2 finale of Restaurant Startup airs Tuesday, March 17th at 10/9c on CNBC.

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