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R.I.P. Siggy, Vikings “Scarred” 

R.I.P. Siggy, Vikings “Scarred”
Siggy, played by Jessalyn Gilsig
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession/HISTORY

Well, I had a feeling episode four of HISTORY’s Vikings was going to be big. But I didn’t quite expect this. Let’s break it all down:

Two Deaths


Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession/HISTORY
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession/HISTORY

I’m kind of crushed over the death of Siggy. Because she’s a character we’ve known since day one, this is a big loss. Even though she was a master manipulator, there was so much more to her. The character went through so much. And she always kept me guessing. I loved Siggy.

However, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been wondering what they were going to do with this character next. Siggy and Rollo are over — he’s off raiding and licking his wounds over the end of this relationship. What’s a viable storyline for her? I don’t know. I don’t know that she would have ever gotten back to the position of power she wanted so badly despite her taking a seat on the throne shortly before she died.

I love how she went out in such a selfless way. There are consequences to Harbard’s healing of Ivar. With every time he uses his power for good; something bad must happen. Didn’t it look like Ubbe and Hvitserk were compelled to walk out on to that frozen ice? It’s like nothing could stop them. Siggy goes after them. She does everything she can to save them from drowning. She sacrifices her life in order to save the boys. When we see her late daughter appear before her, I lost it. And then when she realizes this is her time, she lets go. And now she’s reunited with her family in Valhalla.

It’s all very sad. But at the same time, it’s really beautiful too. A beautiful death that makes an emotional impact — what more could a show want when making the decision to kill a character that’s been on the canvas since the beginning? Although, from the post mortem interviews I’ve been reading up on, it was Jessalyn Gilsig’s decision to leave the show.

Creator Michael Hirst talks about Harbard’s presence in Kattegat and Siggy’s death


Unlike with Siggy, I’m not going to spend too much time mourning Queen Kwenthrith’s weak ass brother, Burgred. I couldn’t understand why she asked for her brother to be saved. He was one of her rapists. He did horrible things to her. And I didn’t understand why she continued to protect him. Now we know. Because she wanted to be the one that killed him. And she wanted to do so in a public way. She let him think everything was going to be okay. She let him think the two would rule together. And just when he feels he’s safe. Just when King Ecbert forgives him being such a complete idiot. Just when everything seems like it’s going to work out for him and his sister…Kwenthrith pulls the rug out from under him. It all begins with a toast:

Kwenthrith: And so my dear, let us celebrate our alliance and drink to victory over my abusers.

Burgred: My dear sister, you have saved me. I love you. How I’ve always loved you.

Kwenthrith: Yes. Salutations, my love.

Burgred takes a drink. She doesn’t. She pours her drink out right in front of him. Turns out the woman poisoned her brother. She got him back for all the pain and humiliation he caused her ever since she was a child. Kwenthrith composes herself and says:

Kwenthrith: My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, please rise and raise your cups to the sole and only ruler of Mercia.

Ragnar: To the Queen of Mercia

How classic are the looks on the faces of Kings Ecbert and Ragnar in the wake of this twisted act? Even more humorous is when everyone in the room pours out their drink for fear they’d be imbibing some of that same poison. And then they throw their cups to the floor. I laughed a lot during this portion of the episode.

Athelstan and Aslaug’s Affairs

Before Harbard disappears from Kattegat, he and Aslaug hook up. Is there a purpose to this as well? Is there another pregnancy in Aslaug’s future? The Queen knows Ragnar doesn’t love her — well, not the way she wants to be loved. But I fear this is a decision that will have consequences.

Oh Athelstan. He’s entered this dangerous liaison with King Ecbert’s daughter-in-law, Judith. There’s real feelings there but it doesn’t stop him from making the decision to leave with Ragnar when the time comes. Ecbert is attached to Athelstan. Doesn’t want him to go. Judith also makes a plea for him to stay. But in the end (or at least as of this episode), Athelstan doesn’t listen to them.

Athelstan: I’ve made up my mind. I will go back with Ragnar. All my future lies with Ragnar.

King Ecbert: I think that is the wrong decision.

When I interviewed George Blagden before the beginning of the season, I had to ask him about the Ragnar and Athelstan friendship and why it’s such a draw for the show. In season three it continues to be one of my favorite aspects of the hit series.

George Blagden: I think there’s a lot of bromance between them — if I can use that word. It kind of helps that there’s a lot of that going on off screen as well. Like, tonight, Travis [Fimmel, Ragnar] has told all the journalists that I’m engaged.

TV Goodness: Is that true?

George: It’s not true, unfortunately. It’s not true. And I don’t know how seriously people are taking it. Some have come up to me and said congratulations. It’s just an example of the kind of the banter we get up to — Travis and I. And I think when you have that connection off screen it only enhances what you’re doing on screen. Sometimes you just have a chemistry with other actors. And what you create is powerful and I think that’s what Travis and I have.

Harbard Exits Stage Right

When Harbard leaves Kattegat — he disappears before Helga’s very eyes. So does that mean he’s one of the gods? What purpose did this visit serve? Is he supposed to be Ivar’s savior? I’m still a bit confused over Harbard’s true identity. And I thought he was going to mean trouble for The Seer. Wonder if we’ll ever get a definitive answer or if we’ll be left wondering who The Wanderer truly is.

An evil alliance

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession/HISTORY
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession/HISTORY

Now that the Vikings have done what they set out to do in Wessex/Mercia, Lagertha will probably head back to Hedeby. I’m so scared for her because while she’s been gone that bastard Kalf betrayed her. She really read this situation wrong. She thinks she can trust him. And she couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kalf has already taken Lagertha’s spot as earl of the village. And now he’s made a big move that he feels will increase his foothold. And he may be right. His guests are Erlendur, son of King Horik, who Ragnar defeated. And Erlendur’s wife used to be married to Jarl Borg. You remember him, right? The king who died in the most gruesome way possible? Ragnar brutally gave him the blood eagle execution. I still have nightmares about that death. Better yet, Erlendur and his wife have a son….a legitimate heir of Jarl Borg. And this means nothing but trouble to Ragnar and Lagertha and everyone we love. Things are going to get scary later this season.

Random Thoughts

-Did Queen Kwenthrith urinate on Ragnar’s wounds? Wow. Just…wow.

-Last season, we (or at least I) thought that Floki had aligned himself with King Horik. But the entire time, it was just a ruse. He stayed loyal to his friend, Ragnar. This season, it seems like Floki isn’t on board with Ragnar’s alliances with the Christian peoples. It really does seem like he may have to choose between the gods and Ragnar. Thanks to the presence of Athelstan, Ragnar is much more open-minded. That doesn’t sit well with Floki. Will definitely keep my eye on what’s going on there.

-Poor Porunn, amiright? Half her face is completely torn up. I feel so bad for her. Bjorn can’t do much right now but be supportive.

-I loved every time Kings Ragnar and Ecbert were in a scene together. The looks on their faces were classic. They have a lot in common (including Lagertha). Favorite conversation is when they both admit they consider themselves to be good men. And then they ask about the other side of the coin:

Ragnar: Are you corrupt?

Ecbert: Oh yes. Are you?

Ragnar: Hmm hmm…

They are in agreement. They are both good and corrupt. Awesome. Travis Fimmel and Linus Roache look like they have so much fun in their scenes together. Fimmel also looks like he’s having fun in his scenes with Katheryn Winnick. Every time Ragnar and Lagertha converse, I’m always reminded of how much I want those two characters to get back together. In “Scarred” they’re both very aware of the other’s flirtations/entanglements. They confront each other about Queen Kwenthrith and King Ecbert.

It’s amazing how the two — they’re always circling each other. Usually Ragnar is circling Lagertha in a very flirty, sexy-licious way . Why don’t those two just get back together already?

-What are your thoughts on Siggy’s death? Athelstan and Judith? Who do you think Harbard the Wanderer truly is? Will we see him again?

Vikings airs Thursdays at 10/9c on HISTORY.

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  1. Leslie

    Wow. The end of ” scarred” left me gasping for air. Seriously. So siggy is gone… lagertha is not earl anymore but doesn’t know it…. athelstan has an affair with that woman…. and who is Harbard? Is it Odin in the flesh??? Seriously I think somehow Aslaug is gonna see some repercussions from that little infidelity act with Harbard but now king oreck’s son is joining forces with the guy who took the earl spot from lagertha. Oh boy this is getting so gooood.

    1. Tina Charles

      Right? I’m loving Vikings this season so far. Everyone has something to do or go through. I’m so sad Siggy’s gone. And I’m totally scared for Lagertha.

      And Aslaug better be on the lookout for those pesky consequences.

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