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Restaurant Startup Preview: “Small Markets, Big Dreams” 

We can’t believe the season is almost over because we’re not ready to say goodbye to all these dueling duos yet. But one thing we’ve enjoyed about every single episode is how invested we get in these people before Joe and Tim even decide who back for a pop-up restaurant experience in LA. Sometimes we don’t understand why they pick one business over another, but we feel like we always learn something about food, business or both. In this week’s episode, two successful catering companies are looking to open their restaurants in underserved markets. Which team will cater more to Tim and/or Joe and get a shot at their dream restaurant? Let’s take a closer look.

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

17 Summer is owned by a young brother/sister team from New Jersey who believe they have the skills to make their fine-dining concept soar (hopefully high enough to leave the nest, as they still live with their parents).

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

Peculiar Culinary is owned by a husband/wife team who hope to open the first gastropub in their part of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Restaurant Startup airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CNBC.

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