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Looking Preview: “Looking for Glory” [Exclusive Interviews] 

Looking Preview: “Looking for Glory” [Exclusive Interviews]
Photo Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson
Photo Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson
Photo Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson

So much happened during last week’s fabulous and emotional episode of HBO’s Looking. The death of Doris’ dad prompted a visit home for her and Dom. Patrick went along for the ride after the embarrassing events of the Halloween party.

We learned about Dom and Doris’ teen years. Their sex-capades were good for him…not so much for her. We met Doris’ aunt — played by the great Mary Kay Place. And we found out Dom’s mom is still alive. After Dom’s cemetery drive by “coming out” to his dad, the group got into a car accident. Patrick was the one who walked away with the most injuries. Doris decided to donate her inheritance to Dom and his chicken window. And when the trio returned to San Fran, Kevin was at Patrick’s place waiting for him. He broke up with Jon and wanted to be with Patrick. Patrick, of course, said yes.

In tonight’s episode, Patrick and Kevin navigate life as a couple.

Synopsis for “Looking for Glory”: Patrick is eager to present his new game app with Kevin (Russell Tovey) at the upcoming GaymerX convention, but soon worries that their app may not be ready yet. Dom shows Doris and Malik (Bashir Salahuddin) the progress on his chicken take-out window. Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) is forced to confront his underlying fears about having protected sex with HIV-pos Eddie (Daniel Franzese).


-Patrick isn’t just eager to get the word out about their new game app. He’s also eager to get the word out about his relationship with Kevin. A sneak peek:

-GaymerX provides a bit of a wake-up call for Patrick and Kevin. And it all begins with this guy that Patrick interacts with at the convention:

-After a week off, Agustín and Eddie are back and facing their own drama. Agustín’s now in a relationship with a man who’s HIV positive. So he has to deal with some of his fears. Will he step up and work though them or will he engage in classic avoidance?

-Dom’s journey to get that chicken window up and running continues in “Looking for Glory.” He’s taking some big risks. Will they pay off? And can he count on all his friends for support? Sometimes following your dream can be a lonely existence.

Photo Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson
Photo Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson

-Heads up: Patrick and Kevin end up in the same place as Richie and Brady. So conversations — and awkward moments — will take place. You can count on it.

TV Goodness recently attended The Paley Center for Media event that celebrated HBO’s Looking. Last week, we posted videos featuring Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett and Lauren Weedman. We’ve got two more interviews. Frankie J. Alvarez talks about Agustín’s evolution and his character’s relationship with Eddie. And Raul Castillo talks Patrick and Richie and his favorite moment from season two.

Frankie J. Alvarez

Raul Castillo

Looking airs Sundays on HBO at 10/9c.

–additional reporting by Kara Howland

Go Inside Episode 7, “Looking for a Plot”

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  1. darci

    The Gay Prom was well done, and I really like how the preparation for it showed the differences between Kevin and Patrick, but when the moment actually came they were both just as into it, as evidenced by the insane enthusiasm that they both dance to Diplo’s “Barely Standing” at the prom.

    1. Tina Charles

      I enjoyed that too. 🙂

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