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VICE Special Report: “Killing Cancer” [Preview] 

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

We can’t imagine being a doctor and using HIV to turn a patient’s immune system into a cancer-killing machine. In fact, it not only seems counterintuitive, but it seems like you’re just trading one type of disease for another. You’ve cured the cancer, but now the patient has HIV? No. What this particular “cure” and other viruses do is infect and kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. These viruses that used to kill and/or sicken us en mass — HIV, measles and even the common cold — have been genetically engineered to find cancer and destroy it. So not only is the virus used to eradicate the cancer, but no trace of it is left in the body once it has done its job.

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Episode synopsis, from HBO:

VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer goes inside the world’s most cutting-edge cancer research labs to follow the pioneering doctors and researchers who are changing the face of modern-day medicine. Adapting HIV, measles and other viruses, these doctors are performing the first successful non-toxic cancer therapy – killing cancer without affecting healthy cells. Meet some of the cancer survivors who have already been saved by this revolutionary medical breakthrough.

VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer airs Friday, February 27th at 10/9c on HBO.

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