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Scandal “No More Blood” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor
Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Can we just all take a moment and be happy that Olivia Pope is finally, finally back home?

Honestly, I was prepared to throw in the towel if Olivia hadn’t gotten saved this week. But, this is Scandal we’re talking about, so of course things took an interesting turn.

Fitz has been in a devastating moral dilemma since Olivia was first taken. First, he had to decide whether or not to GO TO WAR in hopes of getting her home safe. (Remember, heavy on the metaphor with “the face that launched a thousand ships?”)

Then, in “No More Blood,” Fitz is encouraged by the CIA to “neutralize the asset” and have Olivia killed before she can be handed over to another country. The reason is actually very logical – Olivia knows things. All kinds of things. So letting her end up in the hands of the Russians could mean dangers to national security and the potential for letting even more people get killed.

Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder
Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

Cyrus, who we know (as with most characters on Scandal) has a bit of a wobbly moral compass, even when it comes to his loved ones, struggles with his own opinion of what to do here. But despite his friendship with Olivia, he sees the bigger picture and understands that the best thing for the country would be to take her out.

Abby gets wind of that and isn’t having it. She’s prepared to go to bat for Olivia no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Cyrus is super pissed that Fitz still won’t see reason and let Olivia be “neutralized.”

Okay, so as Olivia is about to be handed over to the Russians, Cyrus and the CIA team watch over and prepare to take everyone out. It’s clear that this is something Cyrus isn’t happy about having to do, leaving him nervous and hesitant.

And thank goodness for that, because he notices someone he recognizes as Olivia is being handed over.

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor
Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor


Guys, I can’t even explain my excitement over this. Maybe you saw some glimmer of my feelings on Twitter, but they really can’t be put into words.

Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick) basically disappeared after the first season, and there was never any indication that we’d see him again. As a fan of Lost, I was especially devastated when that happened. To have him return, and to be the one to save Olivia, might be one of my favorite things that has ever happened on Scandal.

(Side note: This was also a bizarre experience, since the night before, Henry Ian Cusick’s character on The 100 was in pretty bad shape.)

Aside from the brief appearance of Henry Ian Cuscick, I’m even more excited that Olivia was saved by someone other than Jake or Fitz. Think about that for a minute. Even as she was is in danger, the two of them were tripping over themselves to save her. I often found myself trying to decide which of her men would ultimately be her knight in shining armour, but the answer ended up being neither of them.

Olivia is finally brought back to her apartment, where Huck dutifully adds more locks to her door. Jake wants to stay, but she insists on being alone. Then Fitz shows up.

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor
Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

And Olivia lets him have it.

Fitz is relieved, momentarily, to hear that Olivia wasn’t raped. But then she tells him she learned there are worse things than rape, and lays into him for going to war for her. Because here’s the thing: even Olivia thinks it was awful of him to send so many people to die on her behalf. She’s pissed because he’s no longer the kind of leader she sacrificed so much to get into office, but the unspoken part of this is the worst part. Olivia has to live with the fact that innocent people died because of her.

What does all of this tell me? That there’s a bigger plan for the story now. Olivia also shows some signs of trauma in this episode, and I imagine we’ll see more of that along with her guilt and anger, in addition to some dramatic changes in the way she feels about (probably both) of her lovers.

What did you think of “No More Blood”? And what direction to you see the rest of the season taking? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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