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TV Goodness Reports: Season 3 of Sundance TV’s Rectify Begins Production 

Photo Credit: Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Sundance TV

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Rectify is one of our favorite shows and we love that production on the next season started today.

Season 3 picks up where season 2 left off, on the very afternoon of Daniel’s plea deal. Will the deal be accepted? Will Daniel be forced to leave town? And when the body of a missing person is discovered, law enforcement once again turns to him for answers. Amantha attempts to have a life outside of Daniel’s situation and is offered a promotion at Thrifty Town. Tawney and Ted Jr., meantime, struggle to decide if their marriage has a future. As they both delve into their pasts for answers, parental ghosts abound which may help them understand how to navigate the present.

We can’t wait to start getting answers to some of these questions and, thank God, the wait won’t be long. We were hoping season 3 would also be 10 episodes, but it looks like it will only be 6. We’d complain, but we’re happy to get as many episodes as writer/producer Ray McKinnon is willing to produce.

Season 3 of Rectify premieres this summer on Sundance TV.

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