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Constantine’s Charles Halford Talks Chas, His Many Lives and the Season Finale [Exclusive] 

Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/NBC
Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I got a chance to watch tonight’s finale “Waiting for the Man,” before I talked to Constantine‘s Charles Halford yesterday. Since it’s the finale, I don’t want to give too much away, but I think NBC’s official synopsis is a great tease:

John and Zed return to New Orleans when Detective Jim Corrigan asks for their help in the case of a missing girl. Papa Midnite takes steps toward exacting his revenge on John. Meanwhile, the truth behind the Rising Darkness comes to light.

Even though Charles isn’t in the finale (boo!), he does talk about the episode. We also discussed getting more of Chas’ backstory in “Quid Pro Quo,” his friendship with John, working with the cast and crew and more.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/NBC
Photo Credit: Annette Brown/NBC

TV GOODNESS: I’ve kept track of your lives remaining and I believe we’re at 30.

Charles Halford: “Yes. I believe that you’re correct.”

TV GOODNESS: Do you think there will come a point when he’s less willing to sacrifice himself, especially since things are better with his wife and daughter?

Charles: “That will be interesting to see. Hopefully we’ll find out. He doesn’t take any of these lives for granted. Obviously, being friends with John Constantine has cost him his family life. He’s willing to have that back but if he’s cursed or blessed or whatever you want to call it, then he’s gonna try to do his best to save as many lives as possible. In episode 10, it got personal and he made some rash decisions. But I think that if he could go back, he probably would. “

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/NBC
Photo Credit: Annette Brown/NBC

TV GOODNESS: Speaking of “Quid Pro Quo,” I loved that episode and that we finally got into your backstory. Have their been any discussions about your character in season 2 and is there anything you’re allowed to say?

Charles: “There’s a lot of story still in development. We got cut a little bit short in the first season. I know that the writers and Daniel [Cerone] and everybody were excited about exploring in the first session and we’re all excited about exploring in the future. I was very happy to read episode 10 because there was a lot of information there that even I wasn’t exactly 100% on.

I remember sneaking a script. We were shooting episode 8 and I saw an early version of episode 10 sitting on an assistant director’s chair. I think I just stole it and went and hid and read it because I knew there was information there. I was like, ‘I need it. I don’t care. I’m reading it. I’m cheating’ [Laughs.]

Daniel and I had discussed, ‘It’s this and this is why he can live,’ but until you see the way that plays out dramatically and the way the audience will experience it, it’s just an idea. So, once I found that out I got excited. I think that added a whole different state to the entirety of Chas. Sadly, I think we were mid-episode 12 that we got the news that we were only doing the 13 episodes and then we’d have to wait and see. So, it was like we were just getting started and then we had to pump the breaks a little bit and re-figure some stuff. “

The cast and producers talk “Quid Pro Quo”

TV GOODNESS I love that Chas is — I don’t know if I’d call him the moral compass — but compared to John, he is. But John definitely needs someone like Chas in his life. Can you talk about that?

Charles: “I think you’re absolutely right and John reluctantly knows that as well and appreciates it. He’d never admit it. John, in a way, is lucky to have a friend like Chas that doesn’t necessarily judge him as harshly as some of his other friends . He’s also pretty fortunate that that little spell worked in the bar. Even I sit there and debate, ‘Was it really a happy accident? Can he really not reverse the spell?’ There’s a lot of questions there, especially after this last episode with how he handled Manny.

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/NBC
Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/NBC

John’s a taker. He takes what he needs and he does what he needs to do. At the end of the day he’s a prick, he knows it. He always has been. He walks the world alone. But I think that moral ambiguity of the character is part of what makes our show appealing. The more we can dig into that, then the show can will grow into an even more accurate and better adaptation of the comics we all love.

John definitely needs Chas. He know[s] that even though he may never admit it. Everybody needs a friend. When you have such bad luck with friends, it’s nice to have one that owes you something. [Laughs.] Or feels like he does.”

TV GOODNESS: I really like the little unit that Chas, John and Zed have formed. Can you talk about working with Matt Ryan and Angélica Celaya?

Charles: “I’ve just really enjoyed the whole experience. Angie was thrown right in. The show was going and then there was a scramble. I couldn’t be happier with what she brings. I remember doing Comic-Con with her and I’d just met her a week prior. We were all working until three in the morning and then got on a plane and flew to Comic-Con and she was just a champion. She had so much fire and so much fierceness. [Laughs.] I was like, ‘Oh yeah. This is awesome. This is Zed.’

Quantrell Colbert/NBC
Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/NBC

As a comic fan, there [were] a lot of aspects of her personality that agreed with Zed’s personality in the comics. It’s been great. TV can be a grind sometimes — the really long hours, especially on a show like this. You’re put in some interesting situations. That fake blood is a very sticky substance, especially after the sixth or seventh hour of wearing it. [Laughs.] Everybody always keeps the mood light and everybody’s really excited to see each other when we go to work.

In fact, [tonight] we’re all getting together — I don’t know that this happens on many shows, especially shows in our situation — but we’re all going over to Daniel’s to live tweet the show. We’re fans of the show. We’re fans of each other. We’re fans of the fans. [Laughs.] So, we’re all gonna go over there and tweet along with everybody for the season 1 finale.

TV GOODNESS: I’ve seen the finale, which I thought had some great reveals, but I am bummed you aren’t in it.

Charles: Yeah, that’s a reason for us to come back later. That’s the way I look at it. I have a friend of mine, he’s an older guy, a character actor, and I was bummed too because, again, the way the news came down I was like, ‘Ah! I’ve seen this last episode and I don’t get to work on it.’ I was sad. I talked to my friend and mentor and  he’s like, ‘In my experience, you never want to be in the finale of nothing, which means you’re probably coming back.’ And from one character actor to another, when you day play and you get the news you’re in the season finale it might be your finale.

Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/NBC
Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/NBC

I’m in love with the show, I’m in love with Papa Midnite and Jimmy Corrigan. They’re both coming back this week. There’s big revelations from Manny and Zed. So everybody tune in and thanks for watching.”

Edited for space and content.

The season finale of Constantine airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC.

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