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The Mindy Project Preview: “Dinner at the Castellanos” 

The Mindy Project Preview: “Dinner at the Castellanos”
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

Warning: Spoilers for The Mindy Project

Don’t know how this show does it. But FOX’s The Mindy Project keeps finding ways to surprise us.

Mindy preggers? Totally didn’t see that coming. We actually had to process the news. After some contemplation, we’ve decided we’re on board. After all, Mindy Kaling and her crew always manage to make everything Mindy and Danny work. Now all the pregnant doctor needs to do is tell her boyfriend.

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

But first, she has to deal with Danny’s family. And when they’re around, there’s always drama (and a lot of comedy). Get ready for a Cheers reunion. Ever since finding out Rhea Perlman and Dan Hedaya were going to play Danny’s parents, we’ve been waiting for this moment. The actors who played Carla and Nick Tortelli are once again playing a divorced duo. They finally take up space in the same room. Let the vicious retorts and catty comments begin.

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

Official FOX Synopsis for “Dinner at the Castellanos”: Mindy has some big news to tell Danny but, just as she is getting ready to tell him, his father (guest star Dan Hedaya) and half-sister (guest star Madison Moellers) show up for an unexpected visit. The whole crew is invited to Annette’s house for the world’s most awkward family dinner in the all-new “Dinner At The Castellanos” episode of The Mindy Project.

Quick Teases for “Dinner at the Castellanos”

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

-Annette makes a big change for the occasion

-Someone refers to Growing Pains and we love them for it

-Mindy doles out a pre-dinner smackdown

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

-Danny’s dad makes a big request

-A situation causes Mindy to try to catch a cab from NY to San Francisco

-We find out Mindy’s Uber rating. Spoiler Alert: It’s not good.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

The Mindy Project continues to satisfy our need for quality romantic comedies (since we’re not getting them on the big screen). Mindy and Danny are adorable, funny and a bit twisted (in a good way). We’d be extremely sad if they weren’t on our TVs on a weekly basis. So we hope the show gets renewed for another season.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

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