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Restaurant Startup Preview: “From the Streets” 

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

We are such big fans of this show. Every week we get so “invested” in these people’s lives, so it’s always interesting to see which duo Tim and Joe will pick for the pop up restaurant experience. In this week’s “From the Streets,” we’ve got two food truck empires battling it out. They both launched as “mobile food experiences,” and now they’re each looking to open up a brick and mortar location. Who is pitching Tim and Joe this week?

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

La Cocinita, owned by newlyweds Benoit and Rachel, uses only handmade ingredients that showcase Benoit’s Venezuelan roots.

Photo Credit: CNBC
Photo Credit: CNBC

Lloyd Taco Truck, owned by two childhood friends, has generated a huge social media following that has the entire city of Buffalo rooting for the colorful company and its quirky creations.

Extended Sneak Peek:

Who will Tim and Joe pick? Which market will make for a better investment? Do these duos have what it takes to make their cuisine work in a stationary location?

Restaurant Startup airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CNBC.

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