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Helix “Densho” 

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

And the surprises don’t stop coming, but we like it like that.

Not only is Sergio Balleseros alive and well, but this episode finds him at the Paris headquarters of Ilaria. And if you’ve been wondering who Peter’s been in league with, you’ve got your answer. I do love that Alan knows something’s off with Peter, which he expresses through his suspicions about how he was found, and overhears the call. I’m very curious to find out what happened in the year since Peter and Alan were in Paris together, looking for Julia. They seemed pretty tight at the time and now Alan knows he can’t trust his own flesh and blood. And if Ilaria has a hand in whatever’s going on at the Abbey, isn’t it possible that they also knew Alan was on St. Germaine and sent Peter there on purpose?

We already knew Julia was dying and that she thinks she only has a matter of days to live, but we also find out she can’t heal. So whatever “therapy” Hatake is performing to make Julia join the family, it’s not going to work. Actually, it probably will work if Hatake’s aim is to kill her so she can take her place amongst the rest of his family. It seems like maybe he joins them at the end of the episode, but you never know with this show. I don’t think I’ll truly believe he’s dead unless and/or until a producer confirms it.

Sarah also ends the episode in danger. Although it seems like her pregnancy will never come to term, she has some kind of strong connection to the fetus. Lest we forget, she’s been pregnant for 15 months. 15 months! I can’t imagine the show killing her off (because they won’t — at least, not yet), but her baby is legitimately in danger. She should be able to heal herself if she doesn’t bleed out first, right? I don’t think she’s going to lose the baby and here’s why.

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Michael’s 3 Best Girls

Michael asks Anne, Amy and Agnes to handle this problem. I’m not quite sure what that entails, but he isn’t shy about threatening their lives. We learn that every single woman who is on the wall in his office got there because they’re dead, which isn’t surprising. But he makes it clear that their pictures could be up there soon if they don’t do as he asks.

I love that someone is on to Amy. Agnes acknowledges that she’s onto her and has allowed her to play her games — until now. It’s time to them to come together and do what’s been asked of them. I wonder if this have anything to do with what’s going on in the basement. I’m ready to know a little bit more about that mystery.

The Toxin’s in the Honey

The CDC thought the disease might be carried and spread by the bees, so I was very nervous when Kyle went into the orchard with no protective gear whatsoever. But Kyle is able to get a sample of the honey and prove that it’s toxic. There’s no way this is the end of the story though, because Julia has talked about the epidemic that started on the island.


  • When Michael calls the children “his,” it’s not a slip of the tongue is it? Travis was very upset that his girlfriend was pregnant and we know it wasn’t his baby. Was it Michael’s? Is Michael the biological father of all the children on the island? If so, that adds a whole other level to this already creepy cult.
  • Soren is the only known survivor of this outbreak and he’s been expelled from the Abbey. When are we going to learn more about who took him and what’s become of him since he was forced to leave? Olivia repeatedly tells Sarah that, “Soren is on his own path.” I can’t wait to find out more.
  • How is Hatake’s sword his legacy? I guess we’ll find out more when the symbols on the blade are translated.

Helix airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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  1. nate

    the characters on the sword read ‘august 15 2015’ in japanese

    1. TV Goodness

      Thanks for the translation! Can’t wait to figure out the significance of that date…

  2. george

    Balleseros wasn’t a big surprise when Mark Ghanimé has been listed among the main cast for every episode so far. It was more worrying that Jordan Hayes wasn’t. Even though the baby storyline may be important this year I’m not convinced she’ll be around long. And I still think Caleb is her son.

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