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NFL Characters Unite Profiles Stars Who Have Overcome Adversity 

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

Bullying and discrimination are huge problems in the world today. So anytime we get to see an example of human beings – famous or not – doing something to make other people’s lives better, we want to celebrate that. The fact that these NFL superstars know what it means to be picked on, to be looked down upon, to be discriminated against and to generally feel like they don’t belong brings them down off the pedestal we’ve put them on. It’s horrible that they had to go through those experiences, but it’s comforting to know they’ve made it through the other side because that means we can too. And the fact that they went on to achieve their dreams will hopefully be a beacon of light and hope these young people need.

We are suckers for this type of thing and we love that Charlie Ebersol has partnered with the NFL to bring us the truly personal stories of some of our football heroes.

About NFL Characters Unite

NFL Characters Unite is a yearly special that profiles NFL stars who have faced difficult life challenges, including Mario Williams nearly sidelining his football career after losing a loved one in the war in Iraq; Darren Sproles’ battle to conquer a debilitating stutter; Jamaal Charles’ struggle to be a man without a father in his life; and Richard Sherman’s fight to escape gang violence. Each player mentors a young person in his community who is currently struggling to fit in, deal with bullying and overcome adversity. By sharing their stories and engaging in confidence-building activities coordinated through local YMCAs, the players encourage the kids to find the character, strength and courage to persevere and pursue their own dreams.

 NFL Characters Unite premieres Friday, February 6th at 7/6c on USA Network. All images courtesy of USA Network.

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