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5 Reasons Why the Series Finale of Parenthood Was Basically Perfect 

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Last night’s finale of Parenthood is probably one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen. I know, that’s a major statement. But the show ended with specific intention, bringing its characters full circle and making good on its promises to the audience. To be a little more specific, here are the five reasons this finale was pretty much perfect.

  • The Wedding

I don’t think there is anything more perfect than ending a show like this with a wedding. We’ve watched Sarah struggle for six seasons, figuring out what she wants out of life in terms of her career and her goals, with various love interests along the way. Hank is symbolic of both major decisions – her passion for photography and finally finding “the one.” In a conversation with her father, Sarah points out her father’s role in her happy ending, reminding us all of the moment she first moved back home.

Hank asks for Zeek’s blessing, and Zeek is more than a little impressed. Zeek tells Hank that Sarah has always been someone who has loved with her whole heart, and in a moment that feels like foreshadowing, he asks Hank to take care of her.

Hank has really found his place among the Bravermans. We’ve seen him getting along with Sarah’s brothers, help Amber on more than one occasion, and bond with Drew. Hank invites Drew to be his best man for the wedding (in the most casual way imaginable) and Drew happily accepts. Hank asks how they should “wrap this up” and whether or not it is a hugging moment, and Drew agrees they should hug. It’s a really small moment that speaks volumes about both of them.

Photo Credit:  Colleen Hayes/NBC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC

The wedding itself is beautifully done. We see the family taking photos beforehand, showing off their personalities and having fun together. Zeek and Camille watch from distance, noting that they did a good job in raising their family. Sarah looks happy and gorgeous in her dress as Zeek is able to walk her down the aisle. Instead of hearing the vows and the details of the ceremony, music plays as we watch the key moments of the ceremony.

  • The Luncheonette

As Adam interview for a new job with a water company, Crosby remains resistant to losing The Luncheonette. After a talk with his father and with Jasmine, Crosby is inspired to keep it without the help of Adam. He even has a plan to save some money in the beginning. The fact that he is going to do this on his own without the help of big brother shows character growth in Crosby that also makes for a perfect ending. In the beginning of the series, Crosby was all over the place. We’ve seen him grow up throughout the six seasons, and now he’s doing something with a new-found confidence in himself.

Even more perfect, he’ll take one other person along for the ride. Amber has shown her passion for The Luncheonette too, and it’s no secret that she and her uncle have a special bond. So what happens next? Crosby invites Amber to join him in the business, asking her to be the new Crosby while he takes Adam’s place.

Photo Credit: Ben Cohen/NBC
Photo Credit: Ben Cohen/NBC
  • Adam Finds His Passion

Last week, a student at Chambers Academy asked Adam when he found his passion. His answer was that he hadn’t yet, but he would let him know when he did. Truthfully, I hadn’t paid too much attention to Adam as a teacher lately. He’s been working with the kids in the kitchen for the new culinary program, and we’ve seen bits of how much he’s enjoyed it, but I really hadn’t given it a second thought.

That changed in the finale, when I had the chance to see that passion through Crosby’s eyes. Crosby shows up to the school to give Adam the signed papers, but he watches for a moment as Adam works with the kids on chopping onions. He’s silly, happy, and showing what a wonderful mentor that he is.

The resolution here is almost too perfect, but I love it anyway. Kristina has apparently been sitting on an option to help out with other schools like Chambers, letting Adam take her place as Headmaster. Adam has been on a journey all his own to find out what he wants in life, and it’s obvious that this is the answer.

  • Joel and Julia Expand Their Family

A call from Victor’s social worker has the couple panicked, but when they arrive that receive some happy news that leads them to make a big decision. Victor has a biological sister, and they’ve been asked if they want to adopt her.

Of course, that’s not an easy decision since the couple has only recently found their way back to one another. But for Joel and Julia, it makes a lot of sense. Remember when they wanted to have a second baby and weren’t able to? They tried to adopt a baby and that didn’t work either, then they were finally able to adopt Victor. Now, they finally have a chance to raise a new baby, and it is as though they found their way back to each other just in time to take that opportunity. It also solidifies the idea that these two are in it for the long haul – thank goodness!

  • Zeek Dies

From the beginning of this season, I’ve felt that Zeek had to die. Otherwise, the story of his health issues doesn’t make much sense. His is also the most natural, realistic sort of death, and it makes sense for a series about a big family to end on that note. The way it is done, though, is peaceful and beautiful. It just feels like the end of a chapter. He dies quietly at home, and then in the moment that brought out my most hideous ugly cry, we skip ahead to the kids spreading his ashes over the baseball field and playing a last game with their father.

It’s just what Zeek said that he wanted. Within that game is a montage of future moments, letting us know what happens to the Braverman clan moving forward. We see that Amber has found a husband and that Ryan is a part of her life too. We see Max graduate high school with his father handing him the diploma has headmaster. We see that The Luncheonette is still in business, Camille takes that trip Zeek had planned, and the families are all continuing to grow. If that weren’t enough, the song that plays over the montage is a slow, acoustic version of “Forever Young” which plays in the opening credits. Most importantly, everyone seems happy, and we get to see them all interact together one more time over that baseball field.

Need to watch the finale again or see any of the 100+ episodes from the series? Every single episode of Parenthood is available on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

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