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Babylon Preview: “Episode 3” 

Photo Credit: Dean Rogers/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Dean Rogers/Sundance TV

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Why isn’t everyone watching this show? We know, we know. We’re late to the party too. But we’d heard Babylon was a great show and we’re glad we made time for it. Don’t know what you’re missing? Read on.

The six-part series, created and executive produced by Academy Award winner Danny Boyle and starring indie darling Brit Marling and James Nesbitt is a biting workplace satire set inside a modern police force and revolves around an earnest PR executive who attempts to modernize London’s law enforcement culture only to discover her certainties shattered and herself undermined in the murky realpolitik of contemporary policing.

Photo Credit: Dean Rogers/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Dean Rogers/Sundance TV

Episode synopsis, from Sundance TV:

A bomb threat to the Thameside Convention Center sends all police units into motion. Now with the Armed Response unit, Robbie learns how far his new partners will bend the rules for each other. The documentary maker Matt faces consequences when he ditches his assignment to cover police operations at the convention center. A misstep by Deputy Commissioner Charles Inglis adds more pressure on Richard. During a visit to the convention center to diffuse media tension surrounding the bomb threat, Richard confides in Liz that a journalist has a story ready to run that is infinitely more explosive for the force and its chief.  Her professionalism is truly put to the test.

Babylon airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Sundance TV.

Episode 3 preview:

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