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The Musketeers “Keep Your Friends Close” 

Photo Credit: BBC
Photo Credit: BBC

Make no mistake about it, I loved Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu. But I also love him on Doctor Who and I understand that he can’t do both shows. Pity. But that’s not to take anything away from Marc Warren, who is this season’s big bad. If you’re curious about his motivations and what we’ll see from him next, check out my exclusive Q&A with him here. Now, let’s talk about “Keep Your Friends Close.”

Photo Credit: BBC
Photo Credit: BBC

The Musketeers Have a New Enemy

Marc Warren’s Comte de Rochefort was the Cardinal’s most trusted leftenant. He’d been rotting away in a Spanish prison, seemingly abandoned by his native country. He claims he escaped during a transfer and demands an audience with the King. He tells Treville that General De Foix was also a prisoner. If his identity is discovered, it will be disaster for France as he is the author of their military defense against Spain. Rochefort comes up with a rescue plan but reiterates that if rescue become unlikely, they’ll have to kill the General.

The Plan

In exchange for his life, Rochefort pledged his loyalty to Spain. The only problem? The ambassador isn’t convinced he’s switched sides and he’s reluctant to trust a turncoat. He doesn’t understand why Rochefort is so keen to see Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan dead but if this plan works, it will get them one step closer to destroying the French. After the Musketeers escape an ambush and steal the clothes from the guards on patrol near the castle where De Foix is being held, they continue with their plan.

De Foix Has a Sister

D’Artagnan was ordered to ride ahead and finds a way into the castle. Unfortunately, he stumbles upon a woman about to take a bath and, is himself, almost naked. He discovers that De Foix has a sister, Lucy, and she’s being held at the castle with him. Unsure if his friends will arrive to aid in the escape, D’Artagnan takes a wait-and-see-approach. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger and kill De Foix, the rest of the Musketeers arrive. Lucy, none too happy that D’Artagnan was going to kill her brother, slaps him.

The Escape

Lucy tells them about the castle’s back entrance and they all make their getaway, but not before De Foix is shot and Athos barely escapes grave danger. It looked like Rochefort was going to shoot Athos, but as he’s proven time and time again, Rochefort will do what he has to in order to survive — and this time it’s to save Athos’ life. Not so lucky is their prisoner, Alvarez. Rochefort promised to distract the Musketeers so he could escape, but kills him instead. The ambassador isn’t happy, but Rochefort doesn’t seem to care. And he’s now captain of the Red Guards, so he’s achieved the first step in his plan.

De Foix and Treville’s Secret

De Foix and Treville know who Porthos’ father is — Belgard. They swore an oath, but it’s not a secret De Foix feels like he can take to his gave. They’ll also have to tell Porthos they abandoned his mother in the slums, where she died. I don’t envy either one of them that task.

The Cardinal Causes Trouble

Aramis discovers the fate of Adele. He thought she’d made her choice to be with the Cardinal, but because she loved Aramis, she had to die. The Cardinal’s emissary warns Aramis that Richelieu knew all his secrets and will expose them, even from beyond the grave. All the more reason, Athos argues, for Aramis to stay away from the Queen and the Dauphin. I have a feeling Aramis will try to take some comfort in the arms of Marguerite (the woman he encountered when he tried to see the baby).

D’Artagnan Moves On

Although he knows Constance loves him, he’s still upset she chose Bonacieux over him. She’s upset he won’t stay out of her life, even though she has a new position as the Queen’s confidante because of him. But it’s time for him to leave her alone now. If she’d left her husband, she would’ve had to live in shame and disgrace and wait for her husband to die before remarrying. With no money and no other prospects, she couldn’t take that chance. I still want D’Artagnan to fight for her, but I think he needs to obey her wishes for now. And there’s definitely a spark between him and Lucy. It might not hurt to see where that goes.

The Musketeers airs Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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