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Parenthood “Let’s Go Home” 

Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC
Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC

Almost everything I wanted to happen happened this week on Parenthood. Seriously. So many happy tears!

Let’s break down “Let’s Go Home,” and relive some of those happy moments:

The Luncheonette: This is one I was torn on, but in the end, you have to root for the Luncheonette. Of course, Adam wants to make the practical decision, and it isn’t surprising that Kristina agrees. But when he explains his reasoning to Kristina, it makes perfect sense that he decides to give it another go after all. Adam tells Kristina that The Luncheonette saved him, and I can buy that. Besides, let’s not forget just how much blood, sweat, and tears Adam and Crosby put into the place. Giving up on it now would be devastating.

Crosby’s reaction when Adam tells him he’s changed his mind is one of hesitation and then completely joy and relief. Where that will leave them as the show ends, I’m not sure. They still have a heck of a lot of work to do, but I’m glad they’ll be powering through it.

Sarah and Hank: I’ve been team Hank from the beginning. I just think there is something beautiful and special about his relationship with Sarah, partly because they are so different from one another. Hank steps up when Amber needs a father figure, putting together the crib that Seth was kind enough to send, yet not thoughtful enough to show up and help with. Amber hugs him when he arrives to help, then falls asleep on the couch while Hank finishes. Sarah shows up, touched that Hank helped in such a symbolic way. And as they sit on the floor in front of the new crib, she tells him simply, “yes.”

A wedding really would be an appropriate ending for Sarah. After all, the series started with her move back home to start over and work toward a happy ending. After a lot of mistakes and struggles, she may have found it just in time for the series to end.

Camille: “Do you love him?”
Sarah: “Yeah.”
Camille: “Does he make you happy?”
Sarah: “Yeah.”
Camille: “What else is there?”

Julia and Joel: Can we all do a happy dance now? We could certainly see that Julia and Joel have been working their way back to one another, but it was a serious conversation in “Let’s Go Home” that solidified that choice. The two of them know that if they decide to get back together, it has to be permanent. They also know they still have plenty of work to do. Still, when Joel arrives at the skating rink, the look on Julia’s face says it all. She just completely lights up. They hold hands in an almost too perfect romantic moment, skating and kissing for the kids to see.

Joel: “Honey, I will tell you this as many times as you need me to. I will never leave you again. I will never leave you.”

The Visit to the Old House: Zeek spends the episode looking for an old baseball that he hopes to give to his great-grandson. Instead, he finds old film that was never developed, giving the characters the chance to look at old photos (they are the ones from the credits, by the way!) and talk about their memories. Zeek continues trying to find the ball, and as he talks with Drew, he finally realizes where it is. It is hidden in the old house.

Zeek and Camille drive to the old house to get the ball, and when they arrive, they see that the house has been painted and new family is starting their own legacy there. It’s bittersweet as they watch kids playing in the yard as a mother with another baby on the way watches them. I love this scene as a way to provide some closure, but also as a way to show that Parenthood is also about new beginnings. Zeek decides to leave the ball, imagining that one of the kids will stumble across it one day as a hidden treasure.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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