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Helix’s Steven Weber and Kyra Zagorsky Tease Season 2 [Exclusive] 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

I’ve seen the first two episodes of the season and they are good on so many levels. I was on the edge of my seat wondering where Peter, Sarah and new team member Kyle Sommer would end up on behalf of the CDC. Will Peter’s double cross be discovered? Does this new outbreak have anything to do with the NARVIK virus? Has Alan made any progress in his hunt for Julia? Will we find out where Julia is and if she’s embraced her life as an Immortal?

I had the chance to speak exclusively to new cast member Steven Weber as well as series star Kyra Zagorsky. They weren’t allowed to tell me too much, but I will warn you that I’m about to reveal major plot points from the season premiere, “San Jose.” So look away now if you don’t want to be spoiled. You’ve been warned.

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: I’m so excited you’re on Helix this season. How did the show approach you and what did they tell you about your character to entice you to do it?

Steven Weber: “They didn’t have to say that much. Being a fan of the genre and knowing a little bit about the show, the fact that they said that this is a really great role — he’s a charismatic cult leader — that’s something I haven’t done. It was a chance to work up in Montreal with great actors and great writing. Really, they didn’t have to go much farther than that.”

TV GOODNESS: Since Brother Michael is a new character, can you introduce him and tell us what we’re going to see from him this season?

Steven: “He’s the leader of a fellowship that dates back generations. He’s a learned guy. He’s a naturalist, a botanist, a molecular biologist and in his mind a humanitarian in that he’s trying to keep people alive and thriving in a very organic, natural way – albeit, it’s by isolating them from much of the outside world, but I guess that’s what guys who lead cults often do. Fairly benign on the surface. Although, this being Helix there’s nothing benign. As time progresses more things are revealed, more secrets are discovered and there’s a deeper, more complex relationship with the people from the CDC, with Kyra’s character and it becomes quite a rollercoaster ride. It’s very interesting.”

TV GOODNESS: I’m wondering if you can tell me a little bit more about Anne, who is so interesting, and Brother Michael’s relationship with her.

Steven: “Yeah, Severn [Thompson]. Great actress. She is one of [his] followers, who he’s close to. He has several of whom are his close advisors and he keeps counsel with. But she’s one of many who he’s been involved with over the years. That’s really all I can say without giving too much away. But she’s a trusted member of the fellowship and she also will play an increasingly more important role as the [episodes] progress.”

TV GOODNESS: And finally, if you’re allowed to say, what’s your favorite moment or scene from the season and why?

Steven: “It is hard to say. But that’s the strength of the show. There’s very little dross and there’s no waste. Like I said, there’s no such thing as benign on Helix. It would be so charged. Suffice it to say, the new set, the setting, which is at this Abbey is in itself so amazing and picturesque and rich just in terms of the textures and the light that it makes virtually every scene memorable. It’s a really an interesting and evocative place. That’s all I can say.”

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: I’ve seen the first two episodes and they’re great. Are you allowed to tell me anything about why the Immortals are dying?

Kyra Zargosky: “I cannot tell you about that. No. I’m sorry.”

TV GOODNESS: Is there anything you can tell me about the TXM7 pandemic?

Kyra: “Just basically what you saw in the episode. The one thing I know about that at that point that we can talk about is the whole issue behind the pandemic is it began on that island in the present day.”

TV GOODNESS: In terms of your character, at the end of season 1 we saw you in the conference room amongst the other Immortals and it seemed like you were taking your place amongst them. Can you tell me what we can expect from your character this season and when we’ll learn more about that?

Kyra: “What we learn about Julia this season is that she’s embracing immortality. There was a lot taken from her last season and although she was a really well-rounded character in the first season when we meet her, she was also pretty flawed and she’s got some daddy issues that we discover and family issues and relationship issues. This season she’s a bit of a lone wolf, isolating herself in order to try to figure out — she’s in between worlds, so she’s having to figure out how she deals with this new life and this new being that she is and these people that she’s going to spend the rest of her life with, which is forever. So there’s a lot of change and she’s become very powerful this season.”

TV GOODNESS: I was wondering how the show would tell the Immortal storyline and I love what they’ve done so far. Can you tell me if Julia and Alan reunite in your timeline or if their stories intersect again in a way that we’ll see this season?

Kyra: “My character on the show is the one that balances between those timelines that you’ve seen, so I am gonna run into Alan Farragut again. I’m actually really excited about those episodes between me and Billy Campbell. The stuff that comes up between their relationship and the things that they haven’t resolved and just who they are and what they stand for now, I think it makes the relationship so much more interesting because they’ve got opposing politics and social ideas in between them. It’s a lot more interesting than a straight-up romantic relationship. There’s so much going on between them. I’m actually really excited about those episodes and that’s later on in the season.”

TV GOODNESS: If you could describe season 2 in a few words or with a phrase, what would you say?

Kyra: “Provocative. Twisted. Go dark or go home.”

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Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

“San Jose” episode synopsis, from Syfy:

15 months after the events at Arctic Biosystems, a new CDC team with the addition of biotoxicologist Kyle Sommer respond to a potential outbreak on a Windjammer in the Northern Pacific. Their search leads them to an island occupied by a mysterious cult led by the charismatic Brother Michael. Meanwhile, decades in the future, Walker arrives at the same island searching for Alan Farragut.

Season 2 of Helix premieres Friday, January 16th at 10/9c on Syfy.


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