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Person of Interest Preview: “Control-Alt-Delete” 

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

We’re still in shock after last week’s “If-Then-Else.”

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment
Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.

This week’s “Control-Alt-Delete” concludes the trilogy and we can honestly say it wasn’t what we were expecting. Yes, we’ve seen it. Yes, our thoughts and emotions are all over the place. We never want to give too much away, but we do have some intel to share.

3 “Control-Alt-Delete” Teases:

  • Camryn Manheim is back and is as important to this episode as the title suggests
  • Samaritan’s avatar makes a surprising request
  • Someone from Shaw’s past has a run-in with Team Machine

Episode synopsis, from CBS:

Control (Camryn Manheim), who oversees the handling of relevant numbers for the government, begins to question the methods and intentions of the Samaritan program. Also, alarming news reports of a pair of vigilantes rampaging through the Northeast begin to surface.

Person of Interest airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.


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