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Forever Preview: “Skinny Dipper” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: ABC/K.C. Bailey
Photo Credit: ABC/K.C. Bailey

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

If you like NAKED Henry, you’ll get to see more of him in the latest installment of Forever. The title gives it away. We’ve watched the episode. We can say in all honesty, that Forever fans will not be disappointed. We think it is the best episode of the season. We hope you agree.

According to the ABC synopsis, when a taxi cab driver is killed with an antique sword, it is just the start of the tangled web the anonymous caller weaves to draw Henry under his influence. But what is “Adam” really after? After a second victim is murdered, “Adam” attempts to frame Henry for the crime. Can Henry trust Jo to tell her the truth? Or is it time for Henry and Abe to leave town? Just as they get ready to flee, Henry attempts to exact revenge on “Adam,” which culminates in the shocking revelation about the true identity of Henry’s secret stalker.

YES folks – our HENRY finds himself in quite a predicament. Grab your favorite snack and make sure you are in place. In fact, go to the bathroom while you’re at. We guarantee you that once Forever starts, you won’t be able to move. Trust us.

Photo Credit: ABC/K.C. Bailey
Photo Credit: ABC/K.C. Bailey

It’s a jam-packed episode, filled with lots of twists, turns and surprises. We can’t give too much away, but we will tell you this, you’ll want to stay tuned until the very end when Henry’s secret stalker is revealed.

Here’s a hint, think back to “The Ecstasy of Agony” episode. Go ahead; take a close look at this clip.

You’ll see a familiar face from that episode in “Skinny Dipper” – we’re not saying Henry’s stalker appeared in that clip; however, there is a significant tie between the two episodes.

We’re just giving you something to think about. After all, Henry is all about solving a mystery and we think Forever fans are too.

Photo Credit: ABC/K.C. Bailey
Photo Credit: ABC/K.C. Bailey

Enjoy the episode and look for our recap. We will breakdown it down, piece by piece. (Pun Intended.)

Forever airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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