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TV Goodness Reports: Continuum Renewed for Season Four 

Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/Syfy
Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/Syfy

Continuum is renewed for a fourth season. But there’s a catch. Much as I had guessed, and given recent rumblings that finances were being hammered out, Continuum will return with a six-episode mini-season to wrap things up. I sort of called this privately when the show would come up in conversation — that in the very least we should have a final arc to wrap, and six episodes seems to be the “going rate” — see Syfy’s Being Human and USA Network’s White Collar as recent examples.

This is awesome for the fans, who really wanted more of a proper ending than the season three finale (with its crafty cliffhanger/reboot) provided, and for the cast and crew, who’ve been in limbo for the last seven months since the show wrapped production. They’ve gone on to work in various other projects–Rachel Nichols did a stint on USA’s Rush and Richard Harmon has picked up new fans on The CW’s The 100, but I was starting to wonder if their talent holds were about to lapse, meaning there would be no guarantee they’d be available for another season.

Here’s what Nichols and Shaw Media, which is the primary owner on the show and airs it in Canada on Showcase, said about the news:

“All great stories deserve an end. I am excited and grateful to finish Continuum with the riveting conclusion it deserves,” said series star, Rachel Nichols. “This series finale is dedicated to the devoted fans who have loyally supported us since day one.”

Continuum‘s award-winning success on Showcase is a testament to the quality of our Canadian original productions,” said Christine Shipton, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media. “With Executive Producer Simon Barry at its helm, the fourth and final season of Continuum is bound to deliver a heroic conclusion to the futuristic series.”

Continuum will go back into production in Vancouver in 2015 with the episodes airing later in the year. No formal confirmation yet on which of the cast are locked in, but we can hope everybody is. We’ll find out soon enough. We also don’t know for sure that Syfy will broadcast it in the U.S., but I think we can assume that they will.

Season three is available now on iTunes and will be available on DVD on December 23rd. You can read all our Continuum coverage here.

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