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Another [SPOILER] Goes Down, Revenge “Atonement” 

Another [SPOILER] Goes Down, Revenge “Atonement”
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Thanks to last week’s promo, we knew that someone was going to die. They weren’t kidding! Before we get to the shocking death, let’s tackle the rest of the show. Not so shockingly, I have a few thoughts:

Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
  • Of course Jack will regret that he slept with Kate aka FBI Agent Bad Person. Just get together with Emily, please. Otherwise you have really bad taste in women.
  • David says he is going to take care of Malcolm Black in a day. Shouldn’t that have been a clue to Victoria that maybe David wasn’t as into her as she thinks? Who takes care of someone in a day that locked him up for ten years?
  • Kate shows up to see Victoria about the clue she sent to Malcolm about Emily. Victoria wants her to figure it out and leave her and David alone.
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
  • I am not getting why Nolan is into crazy Louise. He knows she is loony tunes. Why is he feeling sorry for her? Nolan likes them a little cray cray, I guess.
  • I feel bad for Daniel at the moment when Margaux says he will be like his father. It’s something the character has struggled with from the very beginning of the series. And throughout the episode you can see Daniel remembering how Conrad would spin things to his advantage.
  • Emily tries to warn Jack about Kate and he doesn’t want to hear it. He might want to listen….just saying!
  • We find out how Daniel tried to be a man and step up and do the right thing in the past. His father manipulated him once again. Daniel couldn’t find the strength to go with his instincts. Conrad Grayson…Father of the Year! Not.
  • Big shocker: Victoria butts her nose into Daniel and Margaux’s business. Can you imagine what she’s going to be like as a grandmother?
  • David goes to visit an old cellmate and gets some poison that will make it look like someone dies from a stroke. I have to be honest, I felt a little vindicated when he poisoned Victoria’s drink. He showed that he knew that Victoria betrayed him. FINALLY.
  • Victoria confesses her betrayal. Or at least most of it. What will David do now?
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
  • Kate and Emily talk at the party and Kate reveals that she knows that Emily is Amanda. She says Malcolm Black is holding her mother hostage and they should work together. Even I did not believe that story!
  • Daniel’s on the beach and it looks like he’s going to commit suicide or is at least contemplating it. Margaux calls and apologizes and says she wants to work things out. Can we say foreshadowing?
  • Once again Emily shows what a badass she is and checks out Kate before she walks in the door of her house. She also gets the clip from Kate’s gun without her knowing. When Kate tries to kill Emily she can’t. Haha. The two try to kick each other’s ass.
  • Of course Daniel is sitting on the beach and goes to help Emily. Kate shoots Daniel right in the chest and Jack comes and saves the day and kills Kate.

Daniel Grayson Dies

Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC
Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

So they killed Daniel! I mean, the guy was supposed to die in season one.

  • How is this going to impact everyone? Victoria is going to go bananas and blame Emily. Emily did tell Daniel to run and get the hell out of the house. At least he knew that Emily did love him at one point.
  • How will Margaux handle Daniel’s death? Is she going to go after Emily?
  • Will Victoria now go after the unborn grandchild so she has someone to fixate on?
  • How will Daniel’s death go into the big picture that David had in place to get back at everyone, including Victoria? Does he still feel the same about Victoria?
  • Now that Malcolm Black’s Daughter, Kate is dead, will he come out from the shadows and get revenge on David and Emily?

With Daniel’s death comes a bunch of new questions. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Revenge airs Sundays on ABC at 10/9c.

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1 Comment

  1. Heather M

    Was Daniel really supposed to die in S1? I never knew that (or I’d forgotten it.)

    I’m happy that Joshua Bowman is freed up to do other work when they’d written Daniel into such a corner.

    I kept wondering, too, about the disconnect that he was referred to as a former raging blackout drunk in S1 and then they just sort of had him drinking on the regular again, minus the blackout rage.

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