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TV Goodness Talks Turkey: 6 Shows/Storylines We Are Not Enjoying (Right Now) 

We love that Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate traditions with the ones you love. Now that we’ve given thanks for the good things in our lives, we feel like we need to spend just a little time on things in the world of TV that we’re not really enjoying. We’ve already talked about the shows we’re loving right now. Now it’s time to talk about some shows and storylines that we are not.

Photo Credit: ABC/Danny Feld
Photo Credit: ABC/Danny Feld

Cortney: Charlotte’s All Over the Place on Revenge

Charlotte from Revenge has bugged me from the beginning. She’s whiny, melodramatic and makes really dumb decisions. But this season has brought her to a whole new level. As far as I’m concerned, the last episode of Revenge was fantastic for many reasons, one of them being that she wasn’t in it. Her wishy-washy attitude and actions have been giving me whiplash. She wants to expose Victoria, then she wants to keep her secret. She hates Emily and tries to kill her, then she calls her for help. She won’t speak to Jack, “kidnaps” his son to scare him and tries to burn down his bar and then she shows up at his door. She just can’t make up her mind and she’s so all over the map that it drives me mad. It’s like her opinions are based on the moment without consideration for all the things she’s learned or experienced in the past.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t envy what she’s been through, but she can’t see past herself and her own immediate situation. She should KNOW by now not to trust Victoria and for a split second, it seems like she gets that, but then one misleading word from Victoria and she’s back under mommy’s wing. And if she is so dedicated to her real father and wants to forge a relationship with him, telling him the truth is the right move, which she clearly knows but can’t seem to actually do. How many times does she have to witness the fallout from her mother’s crazy manipulation and lies before she it finally clicks for good? Victoria is the worst. We know it. Daniel knows it. Emily, Jack and everyone else (besides David, but I’m hoping he’ll get on board soon) know it. And truly I believe that Charlotte knows it, especially after learning that she killed Aiden, but she needs to accept it and stop being such a pushover.

Lastly, I get why she was mad at Emily, but I don’t get why she’s STILL mad at her. Emily has repeatedly come to Charlotte’s rescue, trusted her enough to tell her the truth and tried to repeatedly connect with her, but Charlotte is too stubborn to see past herself. Unless she needs help, then she’ll call Emily. Honestly, if I was Emily and Charlotte had just tried to kill me, I don’t know that I would have shown up to help, but that’s just me. I get that she is dealing with some issues and am grateful that’s she’s gone to rehab, even if she did appear to out Emily to Daniel before she left (the girl just can’t stop sticking her nose in other people’s business!), but I’m still having trouble with her childlike behavior.

That being said, I do appreciate what she said to Victoria on her way out. She DOES need to go away to get away from Victoria and Emily’s cycle of hate. And Victoria IS keeping the secret from David not to protect him but to hurt Emily. Hopefully this is a new beginning for a wiser, more realistic Charlotte. One where she can learn to think for herself and stop making such ridiculously horrible and impulsively stupid decisions. But in the meantime, I’m hoping she’ll be in rehab for a while. I need a break.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

Kara: What Happened to Coach on New Girl?

New Girl is all over the place for me. One minute I love it, another minute and I’m over it. I still love the concept of Jess being the “new girl” in the loft and a bunch of guys taking care of her and helping her get over a horrible relationship. Of course, we’ve moved way past that. Damon Wayans Jr.’s Coach was in the pilot and then went to work on Happy Endings, were he was amazing. Sigh. I loved (and still miss) that show. When he came back, I guess some stuff happened with him and Cece (I was on a break from the show at the time, so I don’t know details). When I tuned in to the season 4 premiere, excited to finally reconnect with all these characters I’d loved at one point, I was mightily disappointed. When the heck did Coach become a douche? I guess a bad breakup sent him into a douche-spiral? He slept with a lot of women and didn’t treat any of them right. This is not the Coach I remember from the pilot, although that’s not saying much is it? Maybe it’s more accurate to say this isn’t the Coach I thought we were introduced to – a guy wasn’t very good at talking to women and, who along with Nick and Schmidt go to a bar to cheer Jess on as she tries to rebound. I kind of want that Coach back and I think we actually might get him. Coach is taking his job much more seriously now that he realizes what an awesome responsibility he has to those kids (thanks, in part, to that amazing guest star turn by Lisa Bonet in “Teachers.”). And he brought Ryan to Bangsgiving because even though Jess had deemed her crush off-limits, Coach knows she has feelings for him. That’s the Coach I know and love. Now maybe it’s tie for him to meet someone, get serious about her and realize just what an ass he was to all those other women.

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Tobes: Sons of Anarchy‘s Torture Porn

This season of Sons of Anarchy has been particularly brutal. On-screen, club president Jax Teller’s wife has been horribly murdered, so he is on a rampage of bloody vengeance that has the bodies stacking up like cordwood all over the town Charming. Off-screen, it’s the FX drama’s last season, and it’s pretty obvious creator Kurt Sutter wants his show to go out with a bang. Over the past seven seasons, Sons of Anarchy has been delivering some of the best entertainment on television, with deeply layered plot-lines and an understanding that the violence indulged in by the club was a necessary evil, just a part of doing business, no more/no less. Until this season. All that has gone to crap.

There’s none of the carefully layered textured television we’ve enjoyed for the previous six seasons; there’s just plenty of television-friendly torture porn and a blasé attitude to go along with it that I find equal parts disturbing and aggravating. Independent of Jax’s actions to avenge his wife’s deaths, which are pretty heinous, there’s the slaughter of a brothel full of innocent women, the accidental shooting of three people (which was then shrugged off in kind of an, “Oh, well. Whatcha gonna do?” manner I found unnerving. You just killed three innocent people. What is this for you? Just a Tuesday?); Jax murdered innocent muscle he’d hired to help out on a job, just so he could frame another gang for the killing; groups of gang members just getting mowed down. It goes on and on. Look, I’ve been watching this show from the beginning, and it’s violent. I get that. It’s always been an integral part of the series. That’s the thing; it was part of the series. But now it feels like it’s all that the series is about, and the show was always so much better than that.

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor
Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Ashley: Grey’s Anatomy‘s Tired Storylines

I love Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll always love Grey’s Anatomy. But the show has become tired, and it’s running out of storylines. I wish it would have quit while it was ahead. Meredith has now had two sisters who she didn’t know she had start working with her at the hospital. She’s been mean to both of them while they each try to reach out, wanting Meredith to like them. And that’s just one glaring example. The show could have had a perfect finale when Meredith and her peers took their board exams, or even again once they bought the hospital. But now the show drags on, and on, and on, forcing Derek to leave Meredith, so the original love driving the show can have some sort of drama. That, at least is a good thing. And I think having these two separate will make for an interesting season ahead. I’m also happy that the show is returning to its core with a focus on Meredith. It’s time to see some change, there. No matter what happens, though, I’ll keep watching. Even if it lasts for ten more seasons.

Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder
Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

Tobes: Scandal Goes Off the Rails

Remember, back in the day, when Scandal first started as a mid-season replacement and it was awesome? Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was amazing and could do no wrong and she didn’t take crap from anyone. The cases of the week were intriguing and, sure, that constant “We are gladiators!” and “Put on your white hat,” schtick got old quickly (there’s only so many times the same thing can be repeated before it gets eye-rollingly annoying) but hey, it was a small annoyance. And then, I don’t know what happened, but some dam broke and the show became just ridiculous. Liv’s lip started to quiver every episode; her once steely resolve crumbled at every turn and that relationship with President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) which was never healthy to begin with, took a dark, stalker-y and creepy turn (who tells someone’s dad that he can tell him how his daughter tastes? You are gross, President Grant. Just gross) and, just like that, Scandal turned into Mom Porn, like a watered-down, sub-par, TV-friendly version of 50 Shades of Grey (and that’s saying a lot, ’cause 50SoG is awful). Even getting a new boyfriend didn’t save Liv (or us) from the freaky, unhealthy, gross and inappropriate relationship she should have jettisoned a long time ago, as evidenced by the fact that Jake (Scott Foley) feels compelled to imply to the leader of the free world that he has the bigger penis of the two (real mature) and Liv is still whining about not having that house in Vermont, filled with the soccer-playing children Grant promised her. Even in the recent season 4 mid-season finale she told Jake she wanted Vermont with Fitz and life on a beach with Jake. Run away, Jake. Get out while you can. This is not romantic, people. This is not love, and you, Olivia, you are not acting like a gladiator. I am neither Team Fitz nor Team Jake. I am Team Get Yourself Some Therapy and Work Your Issues Out. Please.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Tina: Supernatural Cures Demon Dean too Quickly

My storyline isn’t so much a turkey. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. The turkey part of the equation comes in to play because the exciting storyline that I loved loved loved ended before I wanted it to end. The show is Supernatural. The storyline is Dean Winchester dies and becomes Demon Dean and then gets cured in three episodes. Boo.

The tenth season of Supernatural began with Sam looking for his brother. Dean was with Crowley at the tail end of their howl at the moon phase. In “Black,” we didn’t really get as much of Demon Dean that I wanted. In “Reichenbach,” Demon Dean faced Sam and a new character named Cole. This was the Demon Dean I was waiting for. He was badass. And cold. And uncaring. And drinking whiskey (or scotch). And hilariously sarcastic. And have I mentioned badass? In my recap for the episode I went on and on about how the final ten minutes of “Reichenbach” were beyond incredible. Then “Soul Survivor” happened. The Demon Dean vs. Sam Winchester cat-and-mouse game was great. Yet by the end of the hour, Sam (with help from Cas) was able to cure Dean. Just like that. It was so ridiculously easy. And ever since Dean was cured, we’ve gotten a little bit of angst here and there and a smidgen of the effects of the Mark of Cain. And not much else. After getting Soulless and Gadreel Sam for roughly half a season, I had high hopes we’d get a lengthy run of Demon Dean. I never for a second thought it would last until the mid-season finale. But I did think it would be more than three episodes. At least the Mark of Cain is still in play. They better give the Mark its due. I really enjoyed Jensen Ackles as Demon Dean. And as much as I worship the OG Dean Winchester, I really wanted to see more DD. A lot more DD. Hopefully we’ll continue to see Darker Dean flare ups as the season continues. Because this is supposed to be the Year of the Deanmon. I want the Year of the Deanmon.

Are there any shows and/or storylines that have been disappointing you lately? Feel free to share.

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  1. Nella

    Tina, I couldn’t agree with you more about demon Dean. I’d naively assumed that after the fan furor over the short run of the also highly anticipated Purgatory storyline, the creative team would give us a much better payoff this time around. After all, the internet was buzzing crazily over the summer hiatus, it was the main topic of the Comic Con panel…even the PR dept declared this the “Year of the Deanmon.” Instead, demon Dean was gone before the storyline even had a chance to get off the ground. Heck, even the cure was insultingly easy peasy. It’s ironic, actually – the Dean storylines are the ones that get fans and critics talking and have oodles of potential but they’re also the ones in which the showrunners seem the least invested. I feel so let down by how the whole thing went down that I’m not even sure I want to bother watching the rest of the season.

    1. Tina Charles

      I’m going to reserve judgment (a tiny bit) because I do believe the Mark of Cain will provide some great moments in the future. Having said that, I really, really, really wanted more Demon Dean. Jensen was just so damn good. But I don’t like it ending so soon over what it means for Sam, too. Every time we got Soulless Sam and Gadreel Sam, we got some great angst for Dean. And I really thought we’d get more of that for Sam. And I certainly thought we’d get more Cas interaction with Demon Dean. We got almost no interaction. This first part of the storyline ended way too soon. I’m anxious about what we’re going to get in the second half of the season. I can’t wait, actually.

      1. Nella

        That’s a good point about the other characters. There was so much more that could have been done with both Sam and Cas in this storyline. I was especially surprised at how badly Cas was utilized. While I understand that the plan was for Sam to ultimately save Dean, it felt jarring and unrealistic to see Cas so totally separated from the effort.

        And I agree, I think there will probably be some terrific MoC scenes coming up. I’m just not sure those scenes will amount to much more than a few scattered moments that don’t go anywhere. After how the whole demon Dean thing was handled, it’s just hard to trust that Carver plans to do anything with the MoC and/or that Dean won’t just be cured of it in a similarly anticlimactic fashion. And it’s not just me – I’m seeing a ‘lot’ of disillusionment out there, even among some of the most previously optimistic hardcore fans.

        But I’m glad you’re looking forward to the second half of the season. Fingers crossed that you’re right and there are better things to come.

  2. hermitme

    I totally agree with you Tina, about DD’s story being over way too soon and if it had been about Sam, it would have gone on and on and on. After all, after Soulless Sam there was WallSam, after that there was Gadreel Sam then Angry Sam. Sam’s stories seem to never end. Dean’s? His stories end way too soon and then are either completely forgotten or given to Sam.

    DD was awesome and the CW as well as the PTBs should be ashamed to have dangled the DD carrot in front of the Dean fans just to take it away as soon as they could and give us filler episodes.

    I’ve disliked Carver since he cut off the purgatory story and killed off Benny just to give us the tired trial story and then yet another story about something wrong with Sam. At this point, I’ve given up any hope that he considers Dean a character in his own right. Carver seems to feel that Dean doesn’t have any fans. Bah!

    1. Serbella McGee

      I agree totally with everyone here. I’ve lost all faith in Carver and his crew (except for Jensen, of course) which means that I refuse to watch SPN unless a certain pair of black eyes shows up again. Judging from what I’ve seen so far, with all these silly filler episodes, I’m not holding my breath about that. This ‘is he or isn’t he’ bit about the MoC is really irritating, and I fear that the way DD’s storyline was aborted means that Carver and company will string the fans along with a scene here and a scene there and nothing will come of it. We were cheated from day one. I knew Dean’s storyline was going to be aborted just like Purgatory when Carver grandly announced that there was going to be a time jump of six months later. Why? Demon Dean’s story should have started from the moment he opened his black eyes. They should have shown us scene after scene of Dean and Crowley howling at the moon. Instead we get vague references to that and one photo of the two of them wearing cowboy hats and acting goofy.

      I adore Jensen Ackles. He’s one of the best actors on television, yet the show never really lets him strut his stuff.

      I’ve seen posts on other columns where certain fans rejoice that Demon Dean was cut short. They claim he couldn’t have remained that way too much longer, because that would have damaged the brotherly relationship. I call BS on that notion. This was an opportunity for Sam to be the protective one, to really show how much he cares for his brother, and the show totally dropped the ball. I never heard those same fans who were worried about the brotherly relationship when we were subjected to all the countless variations of Sam. They never said a word, because they were getting what they wanted. Dean goes dark, and it’s “Quick, change him back! He scares me!” I hope I’m wrong, that Demon Dean will come roaring back, but given Carver’s track record I’m not hoping anymore. Prove me wrong, show. I dare you.

  3. Arafel

    ey there Tina! It’s been a while. I SO! share your disappointment over the premature loss of DemonDean. I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of those running this show when they make decisions like this. It was actually worse than the one they made concerning Purgatory because you’re right-they should have known better. Like you, I never expected even half a season of DemonDean because well, their track record and all, but parts of three episodes after that teaser for YEAR of the Deanmon just seems like an insult to the viewers-so I’m back to DVRing again and, unfortunately, when I DRV sometimes the show never gets watched. hopefully the Mark won’t be dropped as unceremoniously as DemonDean was, but with the present crop of writers, I’d never rule it out. It is a Dean storyline after all. Still love Jensen like there’s no tomorrow, though. He still moves me like no other actor ever has before and he’s the only thing keeping me invested in this show at all nowadays. Would love to see him in something different at this point.

    Ciao. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Tina Charles

      Hey Arafel! Was wondering if I’d hear from you this season. Thanks for the comments and for reading. I’m hoping they go through with the Mark of Cain story to the nth degree. I hope we’re not disappointed. I think the demon Dean story could have been good for all involved and I’m still an optimist (for the most part). I’m going to wait and see what happens the second half of the season. I will continue to watch because you know me. I can’t stay away. No matter what. lol

      1. Arafel

        Jensen pulled me back into watching live in S9. The writing was still atrocious to me, but Jensen was unbelievable good last season. It almost felt like S3 to me, when he raised his own bar as an actor again. And I was SO! looking forward to s10, along with no few other Deangirl friends of mine who’d decided to come back…*sigh*…

        Ah well, it’s just a tv show after all, and as I’d told myself after S6. Still, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to understand the utter waste of so much wonderful writing and acting potential since the end of S5 and that awful resolution to their big 5 year myth-arc sl. It’s a shame, IMO.
        Like you, I hope the season will pick up in the second half(and that they won’t end the MoC sl as easily as they ended DemonDean), but again, not counting on it-becasue I don’t think we can, at this point, in the series, and if past writing history is anything to go by.

        I will check in with you again if it picks up. Take care. 😉

  4. Charl

    From your fingers typing this article to the minds of the Supernatural writers Tina, it’s once again another massive injustice to Dean’s storyline…why they just can’t give equal amounts of attention to Dean’s storylines as they do to Sam’s I just don’t understand. Once is bad, several times and it makes me wonder how these writers even feel about Dean..he’s such a fascinating character and Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor, to not want to capitalize on that is completely backwards.

  5. Elizabeth

    Hello Tina! Great article! I am one who was not disappointed in DD being gone early on because I knew that the MoC still existed. I have loved how S10 has gone so far. We are getting some great Sam POV/angst and I think we will see more Sam angst in the 2cd half of the season while Sam and Dean search on how to remove the mark, Dean struggles with living with the mark and hopefully (fingers crossed) we learn of what Sam did to find Dean. I am keeping optimistic in regards to Sam’s storyline. This season has been so much better than S9. Have a great weekend.

  6. sandra

    don’t get why everybody are so surprised about the dropping of demon dean story arc. the show does’nt do anything else apart constantly dropping whatever is dean related. hell, pstd, angel vessel (all dropped & given to snow flake btw)+ purgatory, pstd,& now demon dean. & soon to come moc since clearly they have no intention to use it cause a) they did’nt use it last year & b)they don’t use it now either with all the motw & filer eps filling half season. so hold your horses about it cause you gonna end up dissapointed, again.

  7. Volta

    Couldn’t agree more about the demon Dean storyline. What a disappointment. I needed much more then 3 eps, it felt like it was just getting going, and the whole cure just seemed way too easy. They didn’t even capitalize on the tension they could have gotten out of a cat & mouse chase at the beginning of the season with Sam tracking down Dean — that could have easily been 3 eps in itself.

    At this point I just really hope they do something with the Mark of Cain in the second half of the season, more then just ‘he gets rid of it, the end’… otherwise, this might be one of the biggest blunders the writers have made storyline wise in its whole ten seasons, for me anyway.

  8. Crowley_Gal

    I share your disappointment Tina about the dropping of the DemonDean storyline. If Souless Sam can suddenly decide after a year he wants to hunt with Dean again, with a little imagination the writers could have been able to come up with a reason why DemonDean was hunting with Sam.

    As for the MoC I think its just another carrot, that will amount to nothing more than a mention or two. The writers keep saying it will be a big part of the story and last the rest of the year but as DemonDean showed us the writers have a different definition of year than the rest of us. Plus Jensen has said himself at conventions and interviews that he doesn’t know how big a part the Mark of Cain will play and the writers haven’t even definitively defined how its effecting Dean. Disappointing when their filming episode 12 and probably have scripts up to at least 14. With the return of a certain guest star in episode 14, I’m pretty sure it will mean the end of the Mark of Cain for Dean. If it plays a major part I suspect that’s because the writers figured out how to give it to Sam.

  9. woman of letters

    When DD was first cured I was saddened by how the episode ended but I wasn’t unhappy,… yet. Because I REALLY thought that wasn’t the end. I thought that we would have flashbacks of what happened while he was a Demon, or the cure was not going to stick…. why did I think this? Why? Hum, probably because this was called “the Year of the deanmon”

    Then when Dean had that moment of “demon residue” in AJ I started to hope this season was going someplace with the Mark. Then I couldn’t understand why he was able to kill multiple times in GGG with out any problems from the mark of Cain. I’m not happy with the storyline this season

    Sam seams to be having more issues than Dean. He was so nervous in AJ waiting for Dean to get he silver bullets and in GGG it looked like he was thinking of killing the woman under the spell just to end her suffering. That is not very “Sam” like IMO. Maybe I’m wrong and reading too much into Sam’s behavior, but he seams more and more “off” to me.

    So yes I was disappointed by the year of he Deanmon only three episodes long and No flashbacks of Dean remembering his time as a demon.

  10. Heather M

    I was a huge SPN fan who came to the show *because of* Jensen, but even he couldn’t keep me past S5, when the show turned into a weekly catechism class and got so far afield of its original tone and focus.

    I feel for the fans who have stayed with it, and grown increasingly upset and disappointed.

    I wonder if this will be one of those shows I later catch up on in syndication when I can look back fondly and watch it without the rage/disappointment.

    I’d be curious to see if there others like me who pick it back up after it’s completely done and can just enjoy the pieces of it that bring joy and let the other parts fall away.

    I’m so ready for Jensen’s next project so I can watch him again.

  11. Susy

    So many fans wanted more of Demon Dean, including me. I think it was a credit to Jensen’s acting that we enjoyed his performance so much. He is quite a good character actor. I remember when he was talking about Season six where he had to be a softer Dean when he was living with Lisa, and had to react differently with Sam because he had no soul. I think he was actually complaining because it was difficult to do, but he pulled it off brilliantly. I think the producers listen too much to the fans and should do what they want, mostly. Some fans always want their precious boys intact and can’t bear it if they’re corrupted. I love it. I loved soulless Sam as mentioned above. I think I just love Jensen’s acting and do hope he gets to do interesting roles when the show is over. I still love the show and look forward to it every week and watch in real time, and again.

    I have a complaint about Elementary. I don’t know why they added a new protégée. To me the show is Holmes and Watson and their relationship. This story is taking away from that relationship.

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