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Arrow: If Roy Didn’t Kill Sara, Who Did? We Break Down the Possible Suspects 

In this week’s aptly titled “Guilty”, we learned that Roy killed Sara. And then we learned that he didn’t.  Despite his vivid dreams and Felicity’s super fancy pseudo-autopsy, which suggested abnormal circumstances surrounding Sara’s murder, Oliver appeared to set the record straight by clarifying that Roy’s dreams of killing Sara may have instead resulted from his repressed memories of killing the police officer. Nevertheless, if it wasn’t Roy, who was it?!

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Since Sara clearly recognized her killer before she was shot, it seems safe to assume that it’s someone she (and probably we) already knew.  So let’s take a look at the possible suspects.

Laurel: This is the easiest one to rule out. Granted, Sara and Laurel have been at odds in the past, but they ended on the best of terms and I can’t imagine Laurel killing Sara. Not to mention, she was in the alley when Sara was shot and fell off the building, landing right in front of her. So unless Laurel can be in two places at once, she’s not the killer.

Roy: I’m not yet entirely convinced that Roy is innocent. Sure, Ollie helped him to meditate and dig deep in to his subconscious to recall the murder of the police officer, but just because he killed the officer doesn’t mean he couldn’t have killed Sara. I find it unlikely, but I’m not ruling it out.

Oliver: I feel silly even putting this in here. I can’t even begin to fathom how or why Oliver would be the murderer, especially since he is determined to find her killer and bring him/her to justice. But that being said, Oliver is one of the handful of people we know who regularly carries around a bow and arrows. Plus, this show often surprises me so I’m not putting it past the realm of (highly unlikely) possibility that he was brain-washed or drugged or something equally far-fetched that resulted in him killing her.

Captain Lance: No. Just no. Never.

Diggle: I can’t imagine why or how. Not to mention that I don’t think he even knows how to wield a bow and arrow.

Felicity: Unless she has some secret roof-hopping, weapon-carrying side we don’t know about, I doubt it. Plus, we already learned about her secret past last week, I can’t imagine the Arrow team throwing in any more. Not to mention, did you see her cheating on her crunches last week? Hardly the workout of an arrow-wielding fighter.

Merlyn: It’s Malcolm Merlyn, when there’s death involved, he immediately becomes a likely candidate. Again, I’m not sure why he would kill Sara, but he does know how to use a bow and arrow. And he’s just an overall bad guy.

Thea: Since she was in Corto Maltese, I think it’s a safe bet that it wasn’t her. She was dead-set on not returning to Starling City (even though she did eventually cave), so I can’t imagine she would go back just to kill Sara. However, leading everyone to believe you’re halfway across the world is a pretty good alibi if you’re going to kill someone.

Nyssa: Considering that she loved Sara and was hell-bent on avenging her death two weeks ago (and seems poised to return again in upcoming episodes), I don’t think it very likely that she killed Sara. But that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was somehow unintentionally involved with Sara’s death. (See my next candidate for more on that theory).

Ra’s al Ghul: As of now, I’m considering him suspect numero uno. We know he didn’t like his daughter’s devotion to Sara and the fact that Sara tried to leave the League of Assassins (which is a BIG no-no) gave him definite motive to want her gone. Also, while Sara seemed to know her killer, she also seemed surprised to see him/her in Starling City, which would be fitting in this case. That being said, I can’t really imagine him traveling to do his own dirty work…after all, he has a whole LEAGUE of assassins, why not just send one of them? Regardless, I’m keeping my eye on him…or I will be as soon as he returns.

Lyla: I can’t imagine why she would kill Sara, but I don’t put anything past Argus. As we learned with Mark Shaw, Amanda Waller often pushes her agents and makes them do the unthinkable.

China White: We haven’t seen her in a while and I don’t even know if Sara knew her, but after her picture popped up a few weeks ago indicating she was the intended target of the plane attack, she’s back on my radar.

Shado/Slade/others from the island days: Since most of these people are dead, they seem like unlikely candidates. But again, on Arrow, dead is a fairly fluid term. Plus, these people are all highly trained and were on the hunt for mirakuru, so I’m not crossing them off my list quite yet.

Okay, so obviously I don’t know who killed Sara, but with a show like this, it could anybody (except Captain Lance, he would never). In addition to this very unofficial analysis, we also have the information from Felicity’s forensic analysis, which only complicates things.

Felicity: The angle and velocity of the arrow were not consistent with a normal bow or archer of normal height. But if the arrows were thrown with mirakuru force.

So when it comes down to it, the killer was either on mirakuru or is exceptionally tall. And since mirakuru was more or less eradicated last season, my money is on the giant theory, which again supports my current theory that the killer is Ra’s al Ghul. When casting the role, the creators put out a casting call for the following: “A character like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Someone just terrifying. Not a lunkhead, but a smart and physically imposing man”. They eventually cast Matt Nable, a former professional rugby player, who is both terrifying and physically imposing. As far as I’m concerned,  all arrows point to him as Sara’s killer.

What do you think? Any other suspects I forgot to mention?

Be sure to catch Arrow Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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