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How to Get Away with Murder “Deserved To Die” 

Photo Credit: (ABC/Michael Ansell
Photo Credit: (ABC/Michael Ansell

How to Get Away with Murder was all about Rebecca this week. The moment of goodness has to be when Professor Annalise Keating shouted “You slut, white trash, killer” at Rebecca. Of course, she was just acting out what the courts will say and think of her, but deep down I think Annalise was thinking that herself. She even later on called her a “terrorist” to her husband. I agree with Annalise on all of these accusations of Rebecca. I have from the first episode.

Wes is showing interest in her and that terrifies me because he is so smart, but he’s also so vulnerable. To see him act this way is surprising. Rebecca is a loose cannon, she is the most dangerous character on the show and we don’t even know if she’s the one who murdered Lila. She switches emotions at the drop of a hat and she’s incredibly unstable. One minute she is talking about doing lines of coke and smoking a bowl and the next she is crying over “her friend” Lila, the girl she’s accused of murdering.

Not only does Rebecca continue to lie and manipulate Professor Keating’s team, she also makes a joke out of it. While Annalise interrogates her and preps her for court, Rebecca makes a joke about how she murdered Lila, giving gruesome and terrifying details. She’s quick to say she didn’t do it even though she’s “confessed” to this murder multiple times. Rebecca is the most extreme character on this show and that’s saying something considering Connor Walsh is a character that exists in a twisted world called Shondaland.

The preview for next week warns (or maybe teases) that we’ve got 2 more episodes until we learn who killed Sam Keating; my money’s on Rebecca. Why? In “Deserved to Die” we see Wes cleaning blood off Rebecca and then kissing her. So we know this scene takes place in the future. Wes and Rebecca are connecting and showing their feelings for each other, so this glimpse into the future might be close. If Rebecca’s covered in blood, that means she was there when Sam was murdered, right? Or maybe she did it herself. Only time will tell.

If this week’s episode proves anything it’s that Rebecca cannot be trusted by the Annalise, the Keating 5 or anyone else. We haven’t seen anything that would give us a reason to trust or even like her, for that matter. She’s endangering all of those around her and, to me, she appears mentally unstable. I’m very much hoping to get some answers about who killed Lila and who killed Sam. And it would be really nice to know what is with Rebecca. What’s her story and why is she so cavalier with this whole situation she’s been thrown into? Something’s not right there and I can’t wait to watch it all unravel.

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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